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American History

American's Founding

Christopher Columbus

Honoring Christopher Columbus

Columbus Was A Hero Who Saved The New World

Mayflower Compact: Foundation of the Constitution

Thanksgiving And The Mayflower Compact - Proof Of America's Christian Foundation

Our Christian Foundation And The Birth Of America

What Happened in 1621

The Slaves That Time Forgot

The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves

America’s First Slave Owner was a Black Man

The First Legal Slave Owner in What Would Become the United States was a Black Man

Sen. Lee Won't Let The Left Rewrite The Story Of American Slavery

"Separation of Church and State"

Don't Buy The Hype: The Electoral College Is The Epitome Of Fairness

Boston Tea Party

April 19, 1775: The Shot Heard Around The World Was Fired

Founding Documents

The Legacy Of The Declaration: Our Rights Come From God, Not Government

The Founding Fathers: Delegates to the Constitutional Convention

Transcript of the Constitution

The Role Of The Constitution In Our Government

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" versus "Life, Liberty [and] Property"

Supreme Court Justice Scalia: Constitution, Not Bill Of Rights, Makes Us Free

The Second Amendment Is NOT A Tradition, Mr. Obama.  It's A Right!

Man Who Wrote 14th Amendment Explains It

Cincinnatus and Washington

America’s First War on Terror: The Barbary Pirates

Guess What?  America ISN'T A Democracy

God's Providence: The Barbary Pirates, Manifest Destiny, and the Louisiana Purchase

Civil War

Roberts v. The City of Boston

Canefight! Preston Brooks and Charles Sumner

From Wood Cabin to White House: An Abe Lincoln Timeline

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

"House Divided" Speech by Abraham Lincoln

The Gettysburg Address

The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

World Wars I & II

Marking the 100 Year Anniversary of America’s Entrance into WWI

Remembering The Christmas Truce Of WWI

Woodrow Wilson - A Portrait

History of Veterans Day

November 11th: "A Day To Be Dedicated To...World Peace"!

General Pershing Letter to AEF troops

December 7th: Remembering The Attack On Pearl Harbor

Remarkable audio: FDR leads nation in poignant prayer in D-Day radio address

Neville Chamberlain and appeasement

Cold War: Berlin Airlift

Uncle Wiggle Wings: The Story of Gail Halverson, The Candy Bomber

The Holocaust

The 71st Division At Gunskirchen Lager, Austria

"The Americans Have Come At Last," Larry Reynolds On Liberating Gunskirchen Lagen [video]

Felix Weil, Kindertransport Child, Tells His Story At Dayton Holocaust Exhibit [video]

Renate Frydman Tells Her Family's Survival Story At Dayton Holocaust Exhibit

How Josef Mengele Exploited the A Culture Of Apathy To Carry Out Unpunished Cruelty

Liberals Rewriting History To Make Americans Forget That We Are Exceptional

Lessons Liberals Never Learned from WWII - How The Left Is Rewriting History And Destroying Our Future

September 11, 2001

9/11: Timeline of Events

Identity and Immigration Status of 9/11 Terrorists (2011)

Other History

December 17, 1903

History of Our Calendar

Our 7-Day Week

"Cronkite's Offensive History"

In Under 90 Seconds, Sen. Ben Sasse Defines Conservatism

A Convention Of States Will Take Washington's Power and Return It To The People

Why Schools Have Stopped Teaching American History

If You Find Coins Lying On Military Tombstones, Don't Touch Them.  Instead, Pull Out Your Change

UC-Berkley Refuses Student Op-Ed that 'Founding Fathers Would Have Opposed DACA'