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Abortion Laws & Court Cases: Defunding Abortion & Pro-Life

Polish Prime Minister Calls For Total Abortion Ban - 4/4/2016

Kentucky Proposes New Pro-Life Bill, Abortions Would Be Felony With Jail Time - 12/14/2018

Florida Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Ban Abortion After Detectable Heartbeat - 1/16/2019

Federal Judge Hands Down a Devastating Decision Against Planned Parenthood In Missouri - 2/25/2019

Republican Leaders Reveal Plan To Bypass Nancy Pelosi On Anti-Infanticide Bill - 3/13/2019

Georgia House Passes Bill To Ban Abortions After Fetal Heartbeat Detected - 3/8/2019

Ohio 'Heartbeat' Abortion Ban Passes Senate As Governor Vows To Sign It - 3/14/2019

8 Democrats Join Republicans To Secure A 'Stunning Victory For Pro-Lifers' - 3/17/2019

Texas State Rep Submits Bill That Would Make Abortion A Homicide - 4/10/2019

Supreme Court Upholds Pro-Life Law Requiring Proper Burial Or Cremation For Babies Killed In Abortions - 5/28/2019

Court Rules President Trump Can Defund Planned Parenthood, Will Cust Almost $60 Million In Taxpayer Funding - 6/20/2019

Justice Clarence Thomas: 'Our Abortion Jurisprudence Has Spiraled Out Of Control' - 6/28/2019

Ohio Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Teach 'Humanity Of The Unborn' In Public Schools - 7/9/2019

Court Allows Trump Rule Ending Funds To Abortion Providers - 7/12/2019  

Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Bipartisan Heartbeat Bill Into Law To Protect The Unborn From 'Ravages Of Abortion' - 5/19/2021

City Makes History By Officially Declaring Itself A 'Sanctuary City For The Unborn' - 5/27/2021

Governor Holds Ceremonial Bill Signing For Whopping 9 Pro-Life Laws At The Same Time - 9/10/2021

Ohio House Passes Bill To Require Life-Saving Treatment For Babies Who Survive Abortions - 12/8/2021

FDA Now Allows An Abortion Pill to Be Sent By Mail, Removing In-Person Dispensing Requirement - 12/16/2021

Iowa Lawmakers Unanimously Approve Bill To Stop Forcing Women To Have Abortions - 2/14/2022

Pennsylvania Amendment Would Make It Clear: There Is "No Right To An Abortion" - 2/14/2022

Desperate Dems Spent Hours Trying To Stop A Florida Pro-Life Bill.  They Just Failed. -3/3/2022

Studies Find Texas Heartbeat Law Prevented Fewer Abortions Than Previously Known- 3/7/2022

Senator Indroduces Bill To Require Abortion Centers To Show Moms Ultrasound Of Their Baby - 3/9/2022

West Virginia Enacts Law Protecting Down Syndrome Babies From Abortion - 3/21/2022

Kentucky Legislature Overrides Beshear's Veto On Abortion Bill, Shuttering Abortion Facilities For Now - 4/14/2022

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Signs Bill Making Abortion At All States A Felony Into Law - 4/12/2022

Oklahoma Legislature Passes Texas-Style Bill Banning Abortions On Babies With Beating Hearts - 4/28/2022

Pro-Life States Will File Lawsuit Against Joe Biden's Illegal Plan To Turn VA Hospitals Into Abortion Clinics - 9/16/2022

On Election Day, These 9 Cities Become 'Sanctuary Cities' For The Unborn - 11/12/2022

House Republicans Pass Bill To Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Who Survie Abortions - 1/11/2023

House GOP Begins Passing Pro-Life Measures - 1/11/2023

New Bill Would Ban Abortions Nationwide When unborn Baby's Heart Begins Beating - 1/12/2023

Judge Upholds DeSantis Suspension Of Attorney Who Refused To Enforce Abortion Ban - 1/20/2023

Federal Courts Rule California Can't Force Churches To Pay For Abortions - 5/12/2023

North Carolina Republicans Override Democratic Governor And Put 12-Week Abortion Ban Into Effect - 5/17/2023

Iowa Supreme Court Upholds Ruling Blocking 6-Week Abortion Ban - 6/16/2023

House Votes To End Pentagon Abortion Travel Policy Through Defense Spending Bill - 7/13/2023