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Activism: Liberal Hypocrisy

Black Congresswoman Calls White Congressman Racist Because He's Upset Black Babies Are Aborted - 1/11/2016

Kamala Harris Complains About People Killed By Guns, Celebrates 61 Million People Killed By Abortion - 8/15/2019

Iceland Holds Funeral To Mourn Melting Glacier, Kills 100% Of Its Babies WIth Down Syndrome - 8/20/2019

WATCH: Liberals Will Sign Petition Protecting Unborn Eagles, Refuse Petition Protecting Unborn Babies - 9/5/2019

Black Man Stuns Pro-Abortion Protesters With One Simple Question About Black Lives, Viral Video Shows - 5/5/2022

White Abortion Activist To Black Pro-Lifer: "Black Lives Matter. But Not Yours, You Don't Count" - 5/18/2022

While Touting Abortion, Biden Admin Moves To Drop Natural Family Planning From Insurance Coverage - 6/20/2022

Gavin Quotes Jesus In Pro-Abortion Billboards - Pastor Rips Him A New One - 10/9/2022

Abortion Activists Don't Speak For This Rape Survivor Who Loved Her 'Innocent' Unborn Child - 10/28/2022

Radical Abortion Activists Set This Pregnancy Center On Fire In June, No One Has Been Arrested - 11/30/2022

Abortion Radicals Threaten To 'Shoot Up' Pro-Lifers, But FBI Won't Commit To Investigating - 12/7/2022

Nearly All House Democrats Oppose Resolution Condemning Attacks On Churches, Pro-Life Facilities - 1/13/2023

Newsom Used Video Of Crying Student In A Pro-Abortion Ad. She Is Again Reminding Him Those Were Tears Of Joy Over Roe Being Overturned: 'Sad? Try Ecstatic' - 1/27/2023

Democrat Senator Tells Biden Administration To Ignore Potential Court Order Blocking Abortion Pill - 2/20/2023

Oregon's Ban On Christians Adopting Violates The First Amendment - And Good Sense - 4/17/2023

Major Abortion Hospital Cited After Exculding Pro-Life Community Members From Board Meetings - 4/17/2023

Tim Pool Completely Dismantles Progressive's Pro-Abortion Argument With One Question - 5/5/2023

Liberal Professor Loses her Mind When She's Arrested For Obstructing A Campus Pro-Life Display (VIDEO) - 5/6/2023

Leftist Push To Disenfranchise Parents In Ohio Riddled With Deception - 7/5/2023

CNN Blames Kentucky Law After Couple Can't Hold Daughter Who Died From An Elective Abotion - 7/7/2023

Biden Regime, Corporate Media Blame The Military Abortion Fight They Started On Republicans - 7/14/2023

Biden DOJ's Response To Pregnancy Center Attacks Shows 'Double Standard,' Pro-Life Advocates And Legal Experts Say - 10/1/2023