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First Amendment: Freedom Of Speech: Social Media

The Media's War On The First Amendment - 4/28/2018

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Twitter Bans More Big-Name Conservatives Critical Of Biological Males Winning Awards Meant For Women - 3/22/2022

Patreon Removes BlazeTV Host's Account Over Off'-Platform 'Hate Speech': 'This Is Bats**t.'  They 'Can Hold Your Money Hostage If They Don't Agree With What You Do Everywhere Else.' - 3/23/2022

REPORT: Big Tech Censored Biden Criticism 600+ Times Over 2-Year Cycle - 4/23/2022

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Project Veritas: Senior Engineer Lashes Out At Elon Musk, Admits "Twitter Does Not Believe In Free Speech," - 'We Are All Commie As F*ck' (VIDEO) - 5/16/2022

Judge Orders Fauci To Cough It Up - 9/8/2022

Federal Court Determines Section 230 'Is Not License To Do Whatever One Wants Online' - 11/18/2022

Twitter Docs Released By Musk And Journalist Suggest Democrats Could Manipulate Speech On Platform - 12/2/2022

Musk Says Twitter Suppressed Free Speech Under Orders From Government - 12/3/2022

Did The FBI Violate The First Amendment When It Colluded With Twitter? - 12/23/2022

Tucker: DNC Sent Twitter List Of Biden Critics to Purge, 'Largest' 1st Amendment Violation 'In Modern History' - 12/26/2022

Former Twitter Execs Tell Congress: We Didn't Meddle In 2020 Election And Also We Need To Do It More - 2/8/2023

Twitter Officially Joined The Censorship Regime When It Silenced 'Trans Day Of Vengeance' Reporting - 3/31/2023

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Appeals Court Upholds Decision Barring Biden Admin From Colluding With Big Tech To Censor - 9/8/2023

GOP-Led Probes, Court Rulings Have Throttled The Biden Admin's Ability To Fund The Censorship Industry - 9/23/2023

Court Forbids Censorship 'Nerve Center' CISA From Silencing Americans' Online Speech - 10/3/2023

Fifth Circuit Corrects Critical Error In Prior Ruling To Shut Down Deep-State Censorship Tactic - 10/5/2023

Federal Appeals Court Further Curbs Biden Administration's Ability To Police And Censor America's Speech Online - 10/6/2023