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Statue & Memorial Destruction

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot Said 'My D**k Is Bigger Than Yours...I Have The Biggest D**k In Chicago' Amid Tirade Over Columbus Statue, Lawsuit Alleges - 3/4/2022

Removing The Confederate Memorial At Arlington Isn't About Racial Reconciliation, It's About Political Power - 9/16/2022

Far-Left Dem Mayor Orders Body Of Confederate General Dug Up - 12/21/2022

Op-Ed: Don't Desecrate The Memorials Of Our Forebears - Honor The Past To Build For The Future - 4/21/2023

Statue Honoring Revolutionary War Hero Removed After Nearly A Century - 6/10/2023

Plaque Honoring Robert E. Lee's Horse Removed At Washington & Lee University - 8/11/2023

As Statues Topple, So Do Our Freedoms - 10/16/2023

Robert E. Lee Statue Melted In Secret Ceremony, To Be Remade Into 'Inclusive' Public Artwork - 10/27/2023

'The State Of A New Era': Iconoclasts Rewarded With An Indian Statue After Tearing Down Statue Of Christian Missionary - 11/8/2023

No Historical Figure Is Without Sin, But Who We Honor With Statues Reveals What We Value - 11/10/2023

Pentagon To Tear Down Reconciliation Monument In Arlington National Cemetery By Week's End Despite Protest - 12/18/2023

Trump-Appointed Judge Halts Removal Of Confederate Monument At Arlington Cemetery - 12/18/2023

Pentagon Gets Its Way: Reconciliation Memorial Will Be Removed After Judge Lifts Injunction - 12/20/2023

Biden Administration To Tear Down William Penn Statue, Make Historic Park More 'Welcoming' And 'Inclusive' - 1/7/2024

Erasing History? Park Service To Remove William Penn Statue In Philadelphia, In Inclusivity Push - 1/8/2024

William Penn Statue To Remain In Philly Park After Backlash So Severe Biden Admin Closed Public Comments - 1/9/2024

Christian Navy Veteran Charged With Hate Crime For Beheading Demon Statue At Iowa Capitol - 1/31/2024