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List Of Largest Pharmaceutical Settlements -

$894M Deal Ends Most Of Pfizer's Lawsuits - 10/18/2008

Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement In Its History: Pfizer To Pay $2.3 Billion For Fraudulent Marketing - 9/2/2009

Pfizer In $486 Milllion Settlement Of Celebrex, Bextra Litigation - 8/2/2016

Johnson & Johnson Knew For Decades That Asbestos Lurked In Its Baby Power - 12/14/2018

The Biggest Ever Pharmaceutical Lawsuits - 6/25/2019

The Credibility Of Pharmaceutical Companies Is On The Line.  Will They Get It Right? - 11/27/2020

You Can't Sue Pfizer Or Moderna If You Have Severe Covid Vaccine Side Effects.  The Government Likely Won't Compensate You For Damages Either - 12/23/2020

Pfizer Agrees To Pay $345 Million To Resolve EpiPen Pricing Lawsuit - 7/16/2021

Opioid Settlement Of $26 Billion Between Drug Companies, States Expected This Week - 7/19/2021

Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson Settle High-Profile Remicade Biosim Lawsuit On Undisclosed Terms - 7/26/2021

Johnson & Johnson Targeted Black Women With Products Linked To Cancer, Lawsuit Says - 7/29/2021

J&J Offered Talc Victims $4 Billion To SEttle Claims Months Before Unit's Bankruptcy - 10/21/2021

J&J Is Using A Bankruptcy Maneuver To Block Lawsuits Over Baby Powder Cancer Claims - 10/21/2021

Pfizer, Roche, AstraZeneca And J&J Face Newly Revived Lawsuit Claiming They Funded Terrorism In Iraq - 1/6/2022

Moderna Faces New Lawsuit Over Lucrative Coronavirus Vaccine - 2/28/2022

Moderna Sued Over Covid-19 Vaccine-Related Patents - 3/10/2022

Moderna's New CFO Resigns Just One Day On The Job After Previous Employer Launches Financial investigation - 5/13/2022

Vaccine Manufacturers At Each Other's Throats, Moderna Announces Major Lawsuit Against Pfizer - 8/26/2022

Team Sanity Wins A Major Victory Over The Gender Ideology Cult - 9/29/2023

Pfizer 'Knowingly Distributed' Adulterated Drugs To Children: Lawsuit - 11/21/2023

'Take Care Of Maya' Update: Maya Kowalski Now Suing Children's Hospital For Sexual Assault - 11/21/2023