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Electric Vehicles: Batteries

Battery Fires Plague Electric Car Factory, Several Workers Need Medical Treatment - 8/5/2022

Florida Man Goes Viral Over Car Dealership Quote Showing Absurd Cost To Replace Electric Vehicle Battery - 8/30/2022

Michigan Locals Say 'No' To Ford's EV Battery Plant WIth Chinese Partner - 3/9/2023

CCP-Tied Battery Plant Pushed By Democrats To Be Built Next To 3rd Largest Watershed In MI... Will Reportedly Consume Twice The Amount Of Water Per Day As Major Water Bottling Plant [VIDEO] - 4/29/2023

Biden Regime Endangers Animals And Harms National Security After Approving Taxpayer-Funded EV Battery Factory In Michigan Backed By Communist China - 6/15/2023

Georgia Governor Fires At Biden Over Electric Vehicle Policy While Welcoming New Battery Plant - 6/27/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Parent Behind Company Building Michigan Battery Plants Employs 923 CCP Members - 8/31/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Video Shows Employees At Chinese Firm Behind US Battery Plant Builder Wearing Red Army Outfits, Pledging Life To CCP - 8/31/2023

CCP-Linked Company Is Poised To Receive Over $1 Billion In Taxpayer Money And Benefits - 9/11/2023

EXCLUSIVE: CCP Officials Set Up Talent Recruitment Program At US Firm Behind Taxpayer-Backed EV Battery Plants - 9/12/2023

CCP-Linked Company Building Battery 'Gigafactory' Near Key Military Sites In Illinois - 9/14/2023

Dem Senate Candidate Who Signed NDA Covering CCP-Linked EV Battery Maker Votes Down Bill To Block Gas Car Bans - 9/15/2023

Former Ambassadors Call On Treasury Dept To Place CCP-Linked Battery Firm Under 'Review' After DCNF Investigations - 9/15/2023

Chinese Firm Receives $530 Million In State Incentives To Build EV Battery Plant In Illinois, Sparking National Security Concerns - 9/18/2023

Ford Halts Controversial Battery Plant Amid Strikes From Auto Workers Union - 9/25/2023

New EV Battery Factory Requires So Much Energy A Coal Power Plant Will Be Expanded And Its Closure Delayed By Years - 10/1/2023

'They Don't Care About Our Rules': Locals Reject Chinese-Tied Battery Factory's Construction In Their Community - 10/3/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Parent Of US Battery Maker Has Business Ties With Blacklisted CCP Paramilitary Group - 10/30/2023

Trucker Perfectly Dismantles Electric Vehicle Narrative In 2 Minutes: 'You Would Need To Pack 50,000 Pounds Of Batteries!' - 10/31/2023