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Oil Industry & High Gas Prices  

Blue-Collar Worker Reveals The Warning He Gave Biden Last Year Is Finally Being Realized - 3/9/2022

Dem Pollster Says 'Good News' Is Biden Can Now Blame Putin For High Gas Prices - But Admits They Were Going Up Before War - 3/10/2022

Biden Cancels More Oil And Gas Leases As Fuel Prices Skyrocket - 5/12/2022

Biden's 'Incredible Transition': High Gas Prices, Supply Shortages Part Of Plan To Usher in Green Economy - 5/31/2022

Biden Energy Secretary Rambles On About "Clean Energy" Goals After Gleefully Declaring Gas Will Likely Remain Above $4/Gallon (VIDEO) - 6/2/2022

In Unearthed 2020 Video, Biden Explains His Plan To Destroy The Oil Industry - 6/12/2022

Here's Why Oil Companies REALLY Aren't Producing More Gas - 6/16/2022

ExxonMobil Fires Back At Biden After Letter Warning Use Of Emergency Powers - 6/16/2022

White House Spox Confirms Joe Biden Is Moving Forward With Plans To End Fossil Fuel Despite Soaring Gas Prices (VIDEO) - 6/16/2022

Chevron CEO Fires Back At Biden, Slams 'Political Rhetoric' In New Letter - 6/21/2022

WH Says To Endure Gas Prices For Sake Of 'Liberal World Order' - 7/1/2022

Biden's Selling Of Oil From Reserve To Hunter Biden-Tied Chinese Firm 'Impeachable': Republicans - 7/8/2022

WATCH: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Brags That High Gas Prices Are Pushing Americans To Electric Vehicles - 7/16/2022

NBC Reporter's Video Of Saudi Gas Station Shows Just How lIttle You Pay When Your Country Drills - 7/18/2022

Pete Buttigieg Wants You To Pay Higher Gas Prices To Lower The Price Of His Electric Car - 7/19/2022

Biden To Use Executive Powers To 'Combat Climate Crisis': 'Since Congress Is Not Acting As It Should... This Is An Emergency' - 7/20/2022

Biden Climate Advisor Says Joe Biden Will Move Forward WIth "Every Power Available To Him" To Get Rid Of Fossil Fuels (VIDEO) - 7/20/2022

Dems Beg Biden To Halt All New Drilling As Gas Prices Soar: White house Says 'It's On The Table' - 7/22/2022

All New Federal Oil And Gas Drilling To Be Halted In California - 8/1/2022

Fox News Anchor Guts 'Fallacy' Narrative That Biden Pushed For Months Over Record-High Gas Prices: 'The Was Is Still Raging' - 8/4/2022

Trump-Appointed Judge Blocks Joe Biden's Moratoruim On Federal Oil And Gas Leasing - 8/19/2022

Wall Street Journal: Biden Has Granted FEWEST Acres Of Oil-Gas Leases Since Nixon - 9/6/2022

Amid Historic Heat Wave, Los Angeles TV News Anchor Tweets That 'Power Just Went Out' In Newsroom.  Oil & Gas Workers Association Issues Perfect Response. - 9/8/2022

Gavin Newsom Calls For Emergency Tax To Combat High Gas Prices In California And Gets Mocked Mercilessly Online - 10/7/2022

Keystone Pipeline Cancellation Was 'Mistake,' Economist Under Obama, Clinton Admits - And Slowing Oil Permits, 'Being Hostile' Toward Natural Gas Were Errors, Too - 10/10/2022

New Jersey Joins Lawsuit Against Big Oil Corporations, Claims They 'Deceived' The Public About Climate Change - 10/19/2022

Biden Admin Allows Chevron To Pump Oil In Communist Venezuela - 11/27/2022

Fox News Reporter Uses Biden's Own Words To Expose Hypocrisy ON Decision To Approve Oil Drilling In Venezuela - 11/29/2022

Wyoming Sues White House For Concellations Of Oil And Gas Contracts - 12/2/2022

Soros-Backed Group Advises Biden Admin That Clean Air Act Could Be Used To 'Control Or Prohibit' Gasoline - 12/5/2022

Newsom Proposes A 'Civil Penalty' On Oil Companies: 'Either Big Oil Reins In The Profits And Prices, Or They'll Pay A Penalty' - 12/6/2022

Top Official laughs Nervously When GOP Senator Confronts Him With Biden's Own Words On Oil And Gas: 'Which Was The Lie?' - 12/14/2022

'Then The President Is Lying': Sen. Barrasso Presses Top interior Official Over Biden's Past Statements On Oil Drilling - 12/13/2022

Biden Administration Admits Keystone Cancellation Cost Tens Of Thousands Of Jobs - 1/6/2023

Records: Biden Coordinated Emergency Oil Release With Already Forecasted Price Dip, Then Took Credit - 1/23/2023

Back To Petroleum: BP Is Scaling Back its Green Investments Amid Disappointing Performance - 2/1/2023

Watchdog Files A Complaint That Shows The REAL Reason Biden Admins Killed The Pipeline - 2/1/2023

Flashback: Biden, White House Cited Inaccurate '9,000 Unused Permits' Figure More Than 20 Times - 2/28/2023

Biden Admin Admits Key Talking Point Of Gas Price Crisis It Used To Shift Blame Onto Oil Industry Was Wrong - 3/1/2023

Left-Wing Billionaire's Dark Money Group Funded Viral Online Campaign Against Major Oil Project - 3/10/2023

Biden To Forbid Oil, Gas Drilling On 16 Million Acres Of Alaskan Land - 3/13/2023

Gas Prices Poised To Rise As Dems Block Energy Bill - 4/4/2023

U.S. Will Start Buying Oil To Refill Strategic Petroleum Reserve Next Month - 5/13/2023

Native American Protesters Outraged Over Oil Leasing Ban Form Road Blockade That Shuts Down Biden Admin's Event - 6/12/2023

Gas Prices Hit Nine-Month High on Rising Oil Prices - 8/2/2023

Gasoline Prices On The Rise Despite High Oil Production In The US - 8/15/2023

Haaland Hit With Ethics Complaint After Stripping Oil And Gas Opportunities From Navajo Nation - 8/18/2023

Texas Breaks Decades-Old Records For Oil And Natural Gas Production - 8/20/2023

The Truth About Fossil Fuels & Why The Oil Industry Has 'To Keep Quiet,' According To A Geology Expert - 9/1/2023

Amid High Gas Prices, Woke Lawmakers Press The Federal Reserve To Require 'Financial Institutions To Stop Fossil Fuel Financing' - 9/18/2023

Hearing Witness Promptly Corrects AOC For Spewing 'Complete Falsehood' About Oil And Gas Emissions - 9/20/2023

Newsom Aims To Crush 'Big Oil' But Flew Jet To A Conference In NYC He Could Have Attended Via Zoom - 9/21/2023

Federal Judge Denies Biden Administration Attempt To Restrict Gulf Of Mexico Oil, Gas Leases - 9/22/2023

'Highway F***ing Robbery': NBA Star Jimmy Butler Shocked By Astronomical Gas Prices In LA - 9/27/2023

Energy Crunch: Biden Proposal Would Mean Fewest Offshore Oil Drilling Leases In US History - 9/29/2023

Biden's Choice To Drain Key Oil Reserve Leaves US More Vulnerable To Rising Risks Of War, Experts Warn - 10/10/2023

Biden's Promise To End Fossil Fuels Has Led Him To Seek Oil Anywhere But At Home - 10/29/2023

Biden's Carbon Pipeline Is A Boondoggle For Big Oil That Punishes Iowa Farmers | Opinion - 11/27/2023

Biden Admin Finalizes Plan To Cut Oil And Gas Industry's Methane Emissions By 80% - 12/2/2023

Gulf Oil Lease Program Smallest In History As Biden Bets On Future Offshore Wind - 12/18/2023

Biden Admin Holds Major Offshore Oil And Gas Lease Sale After Spending Months Trying To Tank It. - 12/20/2023