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Civil Rights

Barr Orders Legal Action Against Governors Whose COVID-19 Actions Infringe On Civil Rights - 4/27/2020

Overreaching Government Revokes Maine Restaurant's Licenses Immediately After Owner Defies Lockdown - 5/6/2020

Cuomo Scolds Anti-Lockdown Protesters: 'You Don't Have The Right' - 5/6/2020

Dan Crenshaw: 'Small-Minded' Officials Who Arrested Texas Salon Owner Are 'Drunk With Power' - 5/6/2020

Video: Peaceful Pastor Arrested For Ignoring Communist Lockdowns - 5/17/2021

It's Official...COVID CAMPS Are Being Built  - 8/27/2021

Dem Gov Signs Executive Order To Deny The Unvaccinated Care At Hospitals And Prioritize Treatment To Vaccinated Patients - 11/5/2021

RFK Jr. Tells Carlson: All Of Bill Of Rights Violated During Pandemic, Except 2nd Amendment - 11/17/2021

Unbelievable! Man Denied Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Becuase Of His Race! (VIDEO) - 11/18/2021

Business Lobby Files Court Notice Over Biden's Vaccine Mandate: Stop 'Bullying Businesses To Comply' - 11/21/2021

Aussie Propaganda To Glorify Quarantine Camps Hits A Whole New Level Of Crazy. This Is A New Low - 11/29/2021

Concentration Camps Down Under - Australian Military Moving People To "Quarantine Camps" - 11/30/2021

Young Not Stupid: LA County Sheriff Reveals Truth About COVID Testing Company, then Takes A Major Stand - 12/1/2021

Penn State Employees Who Refuse Vaccination Face Reeducation - 12/1/2021

New York Will Prioritize Non-White People When Distributing Life-Saving COVID Treatments - 1/2/2022

Federal Judge Blocks Biden Defense Dept. From Punishing Vaccine-Refusing Navy SEALS, Other Service Members - 1/4/2022

USPS Seeks Temporary Relief From The Biden Admin's Vaccine Or Test Mandate, Warning Of 'Potentially Catastrophic Impact' To Service - 1/5/2022

United Airlines Vaccine Mandate 'Coerced' Employees Into 'Violating Their Religious Convictions': Court - 2/20/2022

Fired Health Care Worker Moves Forward, Looks Back On What Was Lost At The Hand Of Restrictive COVID-19 Policies - 2/22/2022

Bombshell: National Vaccine Passport Required In These 21 States (MAP) - 3/2/2022

Court Expands Navy SEAL COVID Vaccine Lawsuit To Include All Navy Service Members - 3/29/2022

BREAKING: Louisiana Supreme Court Sides With Pastor Tony Spell - Agrees That COVID Orders Violated His Freedom Of Religion - All Charges Dropped (VIDEO) - 5/13/2022

Pentagon's War On Religion: Whistleblowers Expose How The Military Discriminated Against Religion With Vaccine Mandates - 7/21/2022

Canada's Invasive Travel App Doesn't Control Covid - It Controls You - 8/24/2022

California Passes Bill To Punish Doctors who Dissent From Government-Approved COVID-19 Narrative - 8/30/2022

Pentagon In 'Potential Noncompliance' With Law In Denying Religious Exemption Requests To Vaccine Mandate: Leaked Memo - 9/14/2022

Trident Order #12, Which Disqualified SEALs From Duty For Seeking Vaccine Mandate Religious Exemption, Quietly Canceled By US Navy - 9/15/2022

National Guardsman Expected Flu Shot Got The Jab Instead... DESPITE Religious Objections - 10/3/2022

'Dehumanizing': Experts Rip California Pilot Program Testing COVID-Sniffing Dogs On Schoolchildren - 4/28/2023

Justice Gorsuch Says Pandemic Created 'Greatest Intrusions On Civil Liberties' In America's Peacetime History - 5/18/2023

Justice Gorsuch Excoriates Pandemic Emergency Power Misuse: 'Breathtaking' Intrusion On Civil Liberties - 5/20/2023

GOP Senator Schools Biden Judicial Nominee For Defending Religious Discrimination: 'Don't Make Me Do This' - 6/8/2023

3 Years WIth COVID-19: The Real Story And Its Connection To The Erosion Of Democracy - 6/12/2023

Christians Arrested For Maskless Outdoor Church Service To Get $300,000 From Liberal College Town - 7/21/2023

External Review Found Military's COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Violated Charter Of Rights - 8/1/2023