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Monkeypox: Origin & Spread

Woman Who Came Face-To-Face With Lab Monkey After Truck Crash Becomes Sick - 1/25/2022

Klaus Schwab ADMITS And BRAGS About CONQUERING GOVERNMENTS, GOP Senator Hosted HUGE D.C. Roundtable That Addressed GLOBAL DEPOPULATION; New "Omicron BA.2" Variant Cout EXTEND Plandemic, Loose CDC Monkeys Had SPREAD DISEASE (Is This A COVER For The NEXT BIOATTACK?) (VIDEOS) - 1/28/2022

Rare Monkeypox Case Identified In Massachusetts After European Outbreak - 5/19/2022

CDC Preparing For More Cases As Outbreak Of Smallpox-Like Illness In Europe Spreads To America - 5/21/2022

Experts: Monkeypox Pandemic In Europe And North America May Have A New Mode Of Tranmission - 5/21/2022

Biden Sounds Alarm On Monkeypox As CDC Alerts American Doctors - 5/22/2022

Stunnig. Wuhan Lab Was Experimenting With Monkeypox Last year - Published Research Report In International Journal In February - 5/22/2022

EXC: The Infamous Wuhan Lab Recently Assembled Monkeypox Strains Using Methods Flagged For Creating 'Contagious Pathogens'. - 5/22/2022

Monkeypox Outbreaks Being Linked To LGBT Pride Parade, Fetish Festival - 5/23/2022

WHO Expert Says Monkeypox Outbreak May Have Emerged From Sex At 2 Different European Raves - 5/23/2022

New York City Is Now The "Epicenter Of The Monkeypox Outbreak' Which Accounts For 30% Of All US Cases - 7/17/2022

CDC Reports First Two Cases Of Monkeypox In Children, Both 'Adjacent' To The Gay Community - 7/23/2022

First Children In US Test Positive For Monkeypox, CDC Chief Says Both Had Contact WIth Gay Men - 7/24/2022

Americans Lost Fundamental Freedoms During Covid - But Halting Gay Orgies To Stop Monkeypox Is Too Far - 8/4/2022

What Doctors Are Hearing From Monkeypox-Infected Gay Men Exposes Liberal Health Hypocrisy - 8/8/2022

It's 'Not Moral' To Request Abstinence To Stop Monkeypox: LGBT Activists - 8/8/2022

First Documented Human-To-Dog Transmission Of Monkeypox Reported, Gay Couple Found To Be Co-Sleeping With A Pooch - 8/16/2022

Let's Face Reality: Monkeypox Is Primarily Spread Through Sexual Contact - 9/14/2022

Monkey Virus DNA Found In COVID-19 Shots - 6/11/2023