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Report: South African Doctor Who First Noticed Omicron Says Symptoms 'Unusualy But Mild' - 11/28/2021

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Omicron Detected In 38 Countries, But Officials Says The Variant Hasn't Claimed A Single Life - 12/8/2021

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CDC Director: Most US Omicron Infections Are 'Mild' - 12/9/2021

WHO: No Deaths Reported As A Result Of Omicron Variant To Date - 12/10/2021

Most Omicron Cases In US Have Been Mild But Most Were Vaccinated, CDC Reports - 12/10/2021

Klaus Schwab ADMITS And BRAGS About CONQUERING GOVERNMENTS, GOP Senator Hosted HUGE D.C. Roundtable That Addressed GLOBAL DEPOPULATION; New "Omicron BA.2" Variant Cout EXTEND Plandemic, Loose CDC Monkeys Had SPREAD DISEASE (Is This A COVER For The NEXT BIOATTACK?) (VIDEOS) - 1/28/2022

The US Has Now Reached 73% Immunity To The Omicron Variant - 2/18/2022

Bill Gates Warns Of A New Pandemic And Say's, 'Sadly, The Virus Itself, Particularyly The Variant Called Omicron, Is A Type Of Vaccine' - 2/19/2022

Omicron Is 'Type Of Vaccine' That Gives Cellular Imunity, Spreads Faster Than Vaccines: Bill Gates - 2/21/2022

Could Vaccines Make Omicron Infection Worse? Scientists Weigh In On Antibody Dependent Enhancement - 7/19/2022

'Bad Medicine, Bad Policy': Doctors Blast Rush To Approve Omicron COVID Vaccine Without Human Data - 8/23/2022

Natural Immunity Offered More Protection Against Omicron Than 3 Vaccine Doses, New England Journal Of Medicine Study Finds -