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Government Sanctioned Suicide: Study Finds Coming Economic Crisis Could Lead To 831,600 Suicides - Or 13 Times The Number Of Coronavirus Deaths - 4/20/2020

WATCH: Two CA Doctors Shut Down Fear Mongerers With Facts...0.03% Of Patients Die From COVID-19...96% of COVID-19 Patients Fully Recover...Sheltering In Place Is Causing More Harm Than Good - 4/25/2020

Hospitals get more money for COVID-19 Medicare patients - then payout skyrockets if they go on ventilators, fact check confirms - 4/27/2020

HUGE UPDATE: Dr. Fauci And Dr. Birx Used Imperical College Model - NOW CONFIRMED AS A COMPLETE FRAUD - To Persuade President Trump To Lock Down Entire US Economy! - 5/6/2020

The Same Number Of People Could Die From 'Deaths Of Despair' As Have Already Died In The U.S. From Coronavirus, New Study Finds - 5/10/2020

Antibody Tests Continue To Suggest COVID-19 Far More Widespread, Less Deadly Than Initially Thought - 5/17/2020

Stanford Professor: Data Indicates We're Severely Overreacting To Coronavirus - 5/18/2020

Amazing! President Of Tanzania Send Samples Of Sheep, Goats, Trees, Fruit, And Car Oil For COVID-19 Testing - The Results Are In - 12/26/2020

Joe Rogan Blasts Anthony Fauci For Public Mistrust In Science, Says People Are Expected To Believe Him When He's '100 Percent Wrong' - 8/19/2021

'Tell The Truth:' CDC Under Fire From Experts For Keeping Huge Portions Of COVID Data Secret - 2/22/2022

The Truth About The 'Stealth' Variant - 4/1/2022

COVID-19 Linked To Alzheimer's-Like Brain Changes, Study Suggests - 4/10/20222

The Numbers Are Finally Out And DeSantis Was 100% Right - FL Beat The Pants Off NY And CA In COVID Response Study -  4/12/2022

May The Force Be With Them: Scientists Fight Back - 5/31/2022

CDC Suddenly Discovers Personal Risk Assessment After Mandate Damage Is Done - 8/22/2022

Top Epidemiologist Slams Federal Health Agencies For Acting Like 'PR Department' For Drugmakers - 12/2/2022

'Unacceptable Incompetence': CDC Made Dozens Of Basic Data Errors On COVID, Epidemiologists Find - 3/29/2023

Science Journals' Political Meddling Erodes Trust In Science, Doesn't Change Political Views: Study - 4/1/2023

Long COVID Questioned: study Of Young People Links Symptoms To Lack Of Exercise, 'Loneliness' - 4/5/2023

Over 300 COVID-19 Papers Withdrawn For Not Meeting Standards Of Scientific Soundness - 5/26/2023

NIH Spends $1 Billion Studying Long COVID-Produces Nothing - 5/26/2023

Nation's Biggest Pediatrics Hospital Pushes Leftism, Discredited COVID Theories On Texas Doctors, Investigation Reveals - 6/16/2023

COVID Reinfections Clear Faster, Incluidng In Unvaccinated People: Study - 10/7/2023