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Vaccines, Boosters, & Immunity: Adverse Effects & Vaccine Injuries: Studies & Reports

VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports - (constantly updated)

12K Dead, 600K Injured, 1,000 Unborn Babies Dead From COVID Vaccines, CDC Says - 8/2/2021

Report Reveals They Knew The Side Effects Well Over A Year Ago! - 8/22/2021

CDC Director Gives Warning To Vaccinated: "...Increased Risk Of Severe Disease Among Those Vaccinated Early" (VIDEO) - 9/10/2021

Horowitz: The Pentagon's RESPONSE to the explosive DOD Medical Data Is An Even Bigger Story Than The Data - 2/7/2022

The Alarming Trends In COVID Vaccine Side Effects - 3/6/2022

Dr. Peter McCullough: Findings From Early COVID-19 Vaccine Studies Potentially Alarming - 3/8/2022

COVID-19 Vaccines May Be Enhancing Disease: Malone - 3/9/2022

Numerous Health Problems More Likely Because Of COVID-19 Vaccines Than Coincidence: VAERS Data Analysis - 4/3/2022

The Many Ways in Which COVID Vaccines May Harm Your Health - 5/2/2022

Military Doctors Can't Trust DOD Medical Database After COVID Vax Injuries Scrubbed: Whistleblower - 5/10/2022

Latest US Data Shows Vaccine Injuries Skyrocketed; How Will We Recover? - 5/28/2022

TWO New Studies Show Link Between Incurable, Degenerative Brain Disease And The Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine - 6/5/2022

CDC Insists 'Severe Reactions' To COVID Vaccines Are Rare, But New Survey Proves That Is An Absolute Lie - 6/21/2022

Pathologist Speaks Out About COVID Jab Effects - 7/3/2022

New Science, Multiple Reports: COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Lung Blockages - 8/10/2022

Whistleblower Disputes Data Glitch Explanation Behind Drastic Increase In Non-Infectious Diseases In Military - 8/23/2022

The COVID Jabs' Mechanisms Of Injury - 11/20/2022

Cardiologists Come To The Same Conclusion Regarding COVID Jab Side Effects - 11/20/2022

Vaccinated At Higher Risk Of COVID-19 Infection: Studies - 12/21/2022

New Study Shows mRNA Boosters May Hinder Immune System Response To COVID - Here's The 411 - 12/29/2022

Boosted Worse Off Than Vaccinatd In Many States, Data Shows - 12/30/2022

BREAKING via ALEX BERENSON: New Chinese Study Shows That More Than Four COVID Jabs Produced Near Complete Collapse Of Immune System In Mice - 1/18/2023

FDA Quietly Changes End Date For Study Of Heart Inflammation After Pfizer COVID Vaccination - 1/27/2023

CDC Aware Of Reports Of 'Debilitating Illnesses' After COVID-19 Vaccination: Official - 2/1/2023

Recent Evidence From Three Major Healthcare Systems Suggests Lack Of COVID-19 Boosters Does Not Increase Hospitalization (VIDEO) - 2/21/2023

Increased Risk Of Serious Eye Problem After COVID-19 Vaccination: Study - 5/8/2023

Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines Linked To Increased Risk Of Vaginal Bleeding: Study - 5/24/2023

KILL SHOT: Recent Peer-Reviewed Report Finds 1 In 35 People Who Took Moderna COVID Shot Had Signs Of Heart Damage - 7/27/2023

Boosted People More LIkely Than Unvaccinated To Be Infected: Study - 9/8/2023

COVID Vaccines And Future Boosters And 'Not Safe For Human Use': Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies In EU Parliament - 9/15/2023