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Vaccines, Boosters, & Immunity: Lawsuits

Judge: U.S. Can't Force Vaccines - 12/22/2003

Pfizer Moves To Dismiss Lawsuit From COVID-19 Vaccine Trial, Citing 'Prototype' Agreement - 5/21/2022

US Officer Risked It All Refusing Pentagon Vaccine Order, Navy Board Unaminously Confirmed He Did The Right Thing - 5/23/2022

Washington, DC Child COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Illegal: Legal Expert - 7/23/2022

Cincinnati Federal Judge Blocks Air Force, Air National Guard Globally From Discharging Religious Vaccine Refusers - 7/27/2022

Illinois Hospital System To Pay $10.3 Million In Settlement with Workers Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate - 8/1/2022

130 Coast Guard Members Sue Federal Government Over Vaccine Mandates - 8/3/2022

Twitter Threatened With Class-Action Suit For Censoring Doctors Who Question COVID Vaccines - 8/4/2022

Federal Judge Strikes Down COVID-19 Vaccine And Mask Mandates For Head Start Students, Teacher - 9/21/2022

HUGE VICTORY: NYC's Largest Police Union Wins Vaccine Mandate Case - Judge Rules Vaccine Mandates "INVALID" - 9/23/2022

Gov. DeSantis Seeks To Hold COVID Vaccine Makers 'Accountable For Misleading The Public About The Vaccine's Safety - 12/7/2022

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Sesks Grand Jury To Probe Any Wrongdoing Related To COVID-19 Vaccines - 12/13/2022

Appeals Court Rules Biden Regime Cannot Enforce Covid Vaccine Mandate On Federal Contractors - 12/21/2022

BOOM! First Lawsuit Filed Against FDA For Withholding Dreadful Vaccine Safety Data - 1/29/2023

Court Slaps Down California's Attempt To Muzzle Doctors Who Dissent From Covid Groupthink - 2/1/2023

Court Blocks COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For US Gov't Workers - 3/23/2023

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trail Whistleblower Case Dismissed By Judge - 4/1/2023

Washington Doctor Facing Probe For Criticizing COVID Policies Wins Emergency Injunction - 5/27/2023

Pfizer And Moderna Face Legal Action In Australia Over Alleged Failure To Obtain Necessary "Genetically Modified Organisms" Licenses In COVID-19 Vaccines - 7/21/2023

Judge Rules Teachers Can Get Jobs Back With Back Pay After Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine - 9/8/2023