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2-Tiered Justice System: MAGA vs Leftists

Two-Tiered Justice System: Stewart Rhodes Stood Outside US Capitol On Jan. 6 - Gets 18 Years In Prison ...Leftist Patricia Enguino Stood Outside US Capitol On Jan 6 - Gets Elected Commissioner - 8/7/2023

J6ers Get Domestic Terrorist Treatment From Two-Tiered Justice System After 'Summer Of Love' Terrorists Get Slapped On The Wrist - 9/5/2023

Welcome To Liberal Justice: Run Over A Teen Boy And Kill Him For Being A Republican, 5 Years... Get Convicted For A Riot In Washington When You Were In Baltimore, 22 Years - 9/10/2023

Ray Epps Charged With A Misdemeanor For His Alleged Role In January 6th Riot - 9/19/2023

On The Darkest Day In Amerian History, Ray Epps Was Just A Little Rascal - 9/19/2023

After Ignoring Violent BLM Riots, FBI Targets Trump Supporters For Breaking Anti-Riot Laws - 10/4/2023

Far-Left Philly DA Actually Says Suspected Looters Who Are 'Fundamentally Law-Abiding People' Will Be Prosecuted Differently Than 'Criminals' - 10/10/2023

Outrageous. Sheriff's Deputy Colton McAbee Found Guilty Of Five Felonies In DC Kangaroo Court After He Attempted To Rescue And Revive Rosanne Boyland On Jan. 6 - Media Ignores His Heroic Actions - 10/11/2023

BREAKING: Police Rush To Contain Hundreds Of Pro-Palestinian 'Insurrectionists' Occupying U.S. Capitol Office Building - 10/18/2023

Pro-Ceasefire Protestors Overrun Capitol Hill Demanding End To Israel-Hamas Conflict, Arrests Made - 10/18/2023

Rep Rashida Tlaib Incites Protesters To Riot And Take Over The Capitol: When Will She Be Indicted? - 10/19/2023

Duo Plead Guilty To Burning Down Atlanta Wendy's During BLM Riot; Face No Jail Time And A $500 Fine - 12/4/2023

'Racial Justice' And 'Equity' Equal Death In George Floyd Country - 1/2/2024

BLM Protesters Who Participated In 2020 Riots Will Receive $10 Million From Seattle - 1/25/2024

Christian Navy Veteran Charged With Hate Crime For Beheading Demon Statue At Iowa Capitol - 1/31/2024