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Alec Baldwin 'Rust' Set Shooting

"Why Was I Handed A Hot Gun?" - Unhinged Alec Baldwin Responds On His Killing On Thursday - 10/22/2021

Rookie Armorer On Baldwin Set Said 'Best Part' Of Job Proving 'How Safe' Guns Are - 10/25/2021

Alec Baldwin Speaks To Reporters For The First Time Since He Fatally Shot Producer On Set Of "Rust" (VIDEO) - 10/30/2021

Report: Eyewitness Details Alec baldwin Shooting Incident, Says Actor Asked Why He Was Given A 'Hot Gun' - 10/22/2021

New Lawsuit Claims Alec baldwin 'Played Russian Roulette' By Not Checking Weapon, Deadly 'Rust' Scene Didn't Call For Gun To Be Fired - 11/18/2021

Emotional Alec Baldwin Says, 'I Didn't Pull The Trigger' On 'Rust' Set - 12/1/2021

Alec Baldwin Says He Feels No Guilt About 'Rust' Shooting - 12/2/2021

Alec Baldwin Feels No Guilt And Says He Bears No Responsiblity In Deadly 'Rust' Shooting, But Is Bothered By George Clooney's Criticism - 12/3/2021

'I Shot The Gun': Alec Baldwin's Statement To Cops Post 'Rust' Shooting Reveals New Details - 4/26/2022

Alec Baldwin 'Not Off The Hook' For Charges Over Deadly 'Rust' Shooting: Sheriff - 4/26/2022

Alec Baldwin Lashes Out At NRA, Calls For Gun Control After He Shot And Killed Woman On Set Of "Rust" - 4/30/2022

Alec Baldwin DID Pull The Trigger On The Set Of 'Rust' Which Took Halyna Hutchins' Life, According To FBI Analysis - 8/13/2022

Baldwin Denies Pulling Trigger On 'Rust' Set In First Interview With CNN - 8/19/2022

Alec Baldwin Now Blames Two Specific People For 'Rust' Shooting. No Surprise, He Isn't One Of Them. - 8/20/2022

Alec Baldwin Says Trump's Comments Over Fatal 'Rust' Shooting Has "Taken Years Off" His Life - 8/20/2022

Alec Baldwin And Others May Face Criminal Charges Over Fatal On-Set Shooting, District Attorney Says In Filing - 9/26/2022

BREAKING: Alec Baldwin To Be Charged With Two Charges Involuntary Manslaughter In Fatal 'Rust' Shooting - 1/19/2023

Baldwin Rages After Special Prosecutor Announces Criminal Charges Against Him In Shooting Death Of Halyna Hutchins - 1/19/2023

Alec Baldwin's Denials Of Pulling Trigger In 'Rust' Tragedy 'A Load Of Crap,' Film Weapons Expert Says - 1/20/2023

Alec Baldwin Catches Major Break, Will Now Face Significantly Less Prison Time If Convicted For 'Rust' Shooting - 2/20/2023

D.A. Drops Key Charge Against Alec Baldwin In 'Rust' Shooting Case - 2/20/2023

Breaking: All Criminal Charges Against Alec Baldwin Dropped - 4/20/2023

Criminal Charges DROPPED Against Alec Baldwin Over Killing Of 'Rust' Cinematographer - 4/20/2023

Wrongful Death Settlement Approved Regarding Alec Baldwin, Others Connected To Fatal Shooting On Set Of 'Rust' - 6/2/2023

Alec Baldwin May Still Face Charges In Fatal 'Rust' Shooting After New Report Alleges He Pulled Trigger - 8/16/2023

New Analysis Of 'Rust' Gun Finds Alec Baldwin Must Have Pulled Trigger - 8/16/2023

New Gun Analysis Deterines Alec Baldwin Pulled Trigger In 'Rust' Shooting, Prsecutors Say - 8/16/2023

Alec Baldwin Could Again Face Charges In "Rust" Shooting As New Gun Analysis Says "Trigger Had To Be Pulled" - 8/16/2023

Prosecutors Will Recharge Alec Baldwin Over Lethal Movie Shooting After Results From Independent Forensic Test - 10/17/2023

Prosecutors Seeking To Recharge Alec Baldwin In Fatal Shooting On Set Of Western Movie 'Rust' - 10/17/2023

Alec Baldwin Could Still Face Involuntary Manslaughter Charges In 'Rust' Shooting - 10/17/2023

'I Don't Want To Shoot Toward You': New 'Rust' Outtakes Show Alec Baldwin Wanted Hutchins To Stand Clear - 11/16/2023

Armorer Who Loaded Gun For Alec Baldwin Was Offered 'Favorable' Out Come If She Explained How Live Ammunition Got On Set - 1/17/2024

Video Emerges Showing Alec Baldwin Firing 'Rust' Prop Gun, Teaching Safe Handling Days Before Fatal Shooting - 11/18/2023

BREAKING: Alec Baldwin Indicted By Grand Jury In Fatal 'Rust' Shooting - Faces Up To 18 Months In Prison - 1/19/2024

Alec Baldwin Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter After Initial Charge Dropped Over Movie Set Shooting - 1/19/2024

Grand Jury Indicts Actor Alec Baldwin In 2021 Death Of Cinematographer - 1/19/2024

Grand Jury Indicts Alex Baldwin - 1/19/2024

Alec Baldwin Cuts $10 Million Off Mansion's Sale Price As Legal Troubles Grow - 1/21/2024

Armorer On Alec Baldwin Movie 'Rust' Found Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter - 3/6/2024

'Rust' Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed Found Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter In Fatal Shooting Of Halyna Hutchins - 3/6/2024

'Rust' Armorer Found Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter After Loading Live Bullet Into Alec Baldwin's Gun On Movie Set - 3/7/2024

Armorer On 'Rust' Set Gets Maximum Sentence For Fatal Shooting Involving Actor Alex Baldwin - 4/15/2024

Gun Supervisor On 'Rust' Set Gets 18 Month In Connection With Fatal Shooting INvolving Alec Baldwin - 4/15/2024