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Corrupt & Soros-Funded DAs & Attorneys: Kim Gardner

- McCloskeys & BLM

Ex-FBI Agent Hired To Investigate Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Indicted On 7 Felony Charges - 6/17/2019

MO Ethics Commission Exonerates Former Gov Eric Greitens - 2/13/2020

Missouri Case That Toppled GOP Governor Boomerangs On Soros-Backed Prosecutor - 3/5/2020

Missouri Attorney General Says Soros-Backed St. Louis Prosecutor Released All George Floyd Protesters From Jail - 6/3/2020

The McCloskeys Are Not The First Victims Of Kim Gardner - 9/28/2020

St. Louis Prosecutor Who Charged McCloskeys Faces Professional Misconduct Allegations - 5/5/2021

McCloskey Prosecutor Kim Gardner Faces Possible Disbarment Over Prof. Misconduct Allegations - 5/9/2021

Grieving Mother Says Controversial St. Louis Prosecutor Silently Made Plea Deal With Suspect In Son's Murder - 7/22/2021

BREAKING: Missouri Supreme Court Orders Kim Gardner To Turn Over Soros-Related Communications In False Case Against Gov. Eric Greitens - 4/8/2022

Soros-Funded Prosecutor In St. Louis Admits To Wrongdoing In Greitens Case - 4/11/2022

Panel Rules Soros-Backed Prosecutor Violated Multiple Ethics Rules In Pursuit Of Ex-Gov. Greitens - 5/10/2022

HORROS: Soros-Funded Prosecutor's Office Didn't Show Up For Trial, Didn't Enforce GPS Monitoring - And A Volleyball Player Lost Her Legs - 2/21/2023

Soros-Funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's Team No-Shows Murder Trial Allowing Murderer To Go Free - 4/18/2023

Soros Ally Found Guilty Of 141 Counts! - 2/13/2023

Finally, After Woman Loses Her Legs, Missouri Politicians Take Action To Remove Soros-Backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner From Office - 2/22/2023

BREAKING: Missouri Attorney General Gives Radical Soros-Funded StL Circuit Attorney Kim Gardener Until Noon Thursday To Resign - 2/22/2023

Missouri AG Fires Soros-Backed St. Louis Prosecutor Gardner For Missteps - 2/22/2023

Missouri's Attorney General Sues To Remove Soros-Funded Crime-Enabling Saint Louis DA - 3/24/2023

Breaking: St. Louis Area Judges Recuse themselves From Kim Gardner Corruptioin Case - Enables Them To Testify Against Radical Soros-Funded Circuit Attorney - 2/25/2023

UPDATE: St.L Soros-Funded Circuit Attorney Lied In Remarks About Contacting Judge To Revoke Bond Of Serial Criminal - No Record This EVER HAPPENED - 2/25/2023

As Soros-Backed Prosecutor Fights Attempt To Oust Her, Judge Sets Separate Contempt Hearing - 4/19/2023

St. Louis Judge Moves To Hold Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner For "Indirect Criminal Contempt" After Her Office Fails To Show Up For Shooting Trial - 4/28/2023

Judge Moves To Hold Soros-Bankrolled Circuit Attorney in 'Indirect Criminal Contempt' - 4/29/2023

Soros-Backed District Attorney Caught 'Pursuing Other Careers' As Missouri AG Takes Action For Her Removal -5/3/2023

Attempt To Remove Soros-Backed Prosecutor Moves Forward; She Vows To Fight 'Witch Hunt' - 5/3/2023

Soros-Backed Prosecutor Kim Gardner Resigns From Office - 5/4/2023

St. Louis Prosecutor Under Fire For Allegedly Taking Nursing Classes on City Time - 5/4/2023