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Defund The Police & Back The Blue

The Roots Of Black Lives Matter Unveiled - 1/16/2016

Stats: Systemic Police Racism Is A Myth - 6/4/2020

Minneapolis Council President Confirms It: Police Will Be 'Dismantled' And Replaced With A 'Transformative New Model Of Public Safety' - 6/5/2020

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'We Need More Police': Trayvon Martin's Mother Disagrees With 'Defund The Police' Movement - 6/11/2020

Trump Preparing Executive Order That Flies In Face Of 'Defund the Police' Movement - 6/12/2020

7-Year-Old Boy Goes Viral for Inspiring Moments of Prayer With Local Cops - 6/13/2020

ICYMI: 750 Police Officers Were Injured In Floyd Protests, MSM Complicit in 'Lies' Says Barr - 6/13/2020

DA Said Taser Was 'Deadly Weapon' Just Days Ago, Now Says Firing Taser At Cops 'Not A Threat' - 6/18/2020

Soros-Affilited Anti-Deportation Group Part Of 'Defund Police' Movement - 6/19/2020

EXC: BLM Founder Is Soros Institute 'Expert', Called For 'Opposing Capitalism' While Colleague Admitted 'We Are Trained Marxists' - 6/22/2020

WATCH: White Protester Tries To Lecture White Police Officer About Racism. Black Police Officers Shut Her Down. - 6/27/2020

Black Community Outraged After California Cop Shoots and Kills A Black Man, But Cellphone Video Shows He Was Pulling A Gun - 10/23/2020

Baltimore Businesses Send Letter To City, Threaten To Withhold Taxes Until Police Presence Increases - 6/10/2021

Surprise! Soros Is Reportedly Bankrolling Defund The Police Candidates For 2022 Election - 4/10/2022

Visitor Logs Show That Biden's White House Has Hosted Several 'Defund The Police' Activists - 6/13/2022

'Enough Is Enough!': Fraternal Order Of Police President Calls Out 'Pro-Criminal' Prosecutors And Politicians For 'One Of The Most Dangerous years For Law Enforcement' - 12/21/2022

REPORT: George Soros Non-Profits Gave Millions To Anti-Police Groups in 2021 - 12/21/2022

Cambridge Police Smeared Again 14 Years After Obama Started Anti-Cop Pol Bluster - 1/15/2023

Forget 'Defund The Police': There's A New Movement To Handcuff The Cops - 2/11/2023

Some Liberal Cities Plan To Further Handcuff Police By Forbidding Certain Traffic Stops - 2/12/2023

Seattle Rethinks 'Defunding The Police' As Homicide Rises By 24 Percent - 2/22/2023

Denver Booted Police From Public Schools. Now, Many Want Them Back - 2/22/2023

Cori Bush Married Her Unlicensed Security Guard While Calling To Defund Police - 3/1/2023

Karma: Dem Begs For Police To Return After She Pushed To Remove Them - 3/21/2023

Newly Elected Far-Left Chicago Mayor Says No New Cops, Will Send Social Workers To Some 911 Calls - 4/6/2023

Liberal Washington Post Editorial Board Reverses Position On Defunding The Police - 4/17/2023

Dems Continue To Call For Defunding The Police As Citizens Pay The Price - 4/22/2023

Off Duty Chicago Police Officer Killed Coming Home From Shift - 5/6/2023

Soros- Backed Group Pushes Chicago Mayor To Slash Funding For 'Racist' Police Force - 5/17/2023

Colleges Move To Arm Officers In Response To Inner-City Crime After Previous Calls To Defund The Police - 5/28/2023

Rules For Thee But Not For Me: Defund Police Supporter Zuckerberg Spent $43 Million On Private Security - 7/8/2023

Mark Zuckerberg Receives $43 Million In Private Security While Funneling Millions To 'Defund The Police' Organizations - 7/8/2023

Shocking Video Shows 14-Year-Old Female Student Brutally Beaten At California Middle School Where Police Were Defunded - 7/14/2023

LAPD Union Leader Tells Cops To Leave City: 'Go Somewhere That Respects The Work You Do' - 7/18/2023

Democrat Official Violently Carjacked In Front Of Her Children, Had Previously Supported 'Dismantling' The Police - 9/7/2023

After Defund Blue City Struggles To Hire Cops - They Make Desperate Move In Big Red State - 9/20/2023

San Francisco Has Severe Cop Shortage After Defunding Push. Now It's Recruiting - In Texas. - 9/20/2023

Sheriff Blasts 'Misinformation Campaign' By 'Anti-Police Fringe,' Defends Use Of Force In Arrest Of Suspected Drug Dealer On Probation Who Ran From Cops - 10/3/2023

Trump Unveils Sweeping Anti-Crime Agenda, Including Stop-And-Frisk And Protecting Cops From Lawsuits - 10/4/2023

Pastor Who Led Anti-Police Protests Has A Change Of Heart, Organizes Nationwide Event To Back The Blue - 10/11/2023

Leftists Excuse Hamas For The Same Reasons They Support Black Lives Matter, Defund The Police, And The Rest - 10/12/2023

"Cop City" Siege Plan Just Got Exposed - Stunning Liberal Scheme Could End In Total Disaster - 11/7/2023

Video Shows Heroic Ex-Con Dragging Wounded Cop Out Of Line Of Fire At Lethal Houston Shootout: 'I've Got You!' - 11/15/2023

Federal Court Rules On "Thin Blue Line" Flag - Here's Theri Decision On Town's Attempt To Ban It - 11/18/2023

Over 2,500 Cops Have Quit The Job In Blue City Just This Year - 11/25/2023

More Than 2,500 NYPD Cops Have Quit This Year - 11/27/2023

'George Floyd Square' Businesses Sue City For Lack Of Policing - 11/29/2023

Democratic Socialist, Anti-Cop, BLM-Supporting Judge In Hot Water After Allegedly Posing In Hot Tub With Public Defenders Talking About Breasts - 1/29/2024

San Francisco Passes Measures To Strengthen Police, Require Drug Screening For Welfare - 3/6/2024

Tennessee Dem Calls For Riots After Republicans Send Pro-Police Bill To Governor's Desk: 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' - 3/16/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Police Report Contradicts Pro-Defund The Police DC Councilman's Mugging Story - 4/17/2024