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Crime & Crime Prevention

Mass Vehicle & Knife Murders     

- Brownville, Texas, SUV Massacre

- Idaho College Stabbings

- LA Recruit SUV Muling

- Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre  

Multiple People Stabbed Near University Of Iowa Campus - Authorities Launch Manhunt - 5/6/2023

3 Dead After Suspect Goes On Seemingly Random Carjacking And Stabbing Spree: Reports - 6/3/2023

Social Justice Advocate Stabbed To Death In Brooklyn - 10/3/2023

Woman Taken Into Custody After Reportedly Stabbing Three Including A 71-Year-Old At Atlanta Airport - 10/12/2023

Knife-Wielding Maniac Knocks Out San Francisco Churchgoer, Then Leads Cops On A Chase Punctuated By Explosions: Police - 10/31/2023

'Oh My God': Video Shows Flower Vendor Being Stabbed 6 Times As Onlookers Stroll By - 11/5/2023

'There Will Be No Backing Down': UFC Star Conor McGregor Vows To Change Ireland After Stabbings By Algerian Migrant Suspect - 11/24/2023

Irish Police Launch Hate Speech Investigation Into Conor McGregor After He Condemned Stabbing Of Schoolchildren - 11/27/2023

Four Killed, Including 2 Kids, 2 Police Officers Injured In Queens Stabbing Rampage, Officials Say - 12/3/2023

Thug Allegedly Stabs To Death Macy's Security Guard - Just Minutes After Guard Caught Him Trying To Steal Hats And Let Him Go - 12/5/2023

Driver Plows Into Attendees At Bakersfield, California Christmas Parade - 12/8/2023

Suspect Breaks Into Rectory In Small Nebraska City, Stabs Catholic Priest To Death Just Hours Before Sunday Morning Mass - 12/11/2023

FBI Investigating Fiery, Deadly Crash In New York In Which Vehicle With Gas Cans Plowed Into Crowd - 1/2/2024

Video: Machete-Wielding Thug On Rampage In UK Finds Out What Can Happen When Fed-Up Folks Reach Their Boiling Points - 1/9/2024

Six Killed In Stabbing Spree In Australian Shopping Mall - 4/13/2024

Video: Hero Female Cop Fatally Guns Down Knifeman Who Stabbed 6 Bystanders To Death At Busy Shopping Center In Australia - 4/13/2024