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Schools & Mass Shootings: Colorado Springs Nightclub

At Least 5 Dead In Colorado Nightclub Shooting - 11/20/2022

5 Killed, 18 Injured After Shooter Opened Fire At LGBTQ Nightclub, Police Identify Gunman Subdued By 'Heroic' Patrons - 11/20/2022

Colorado Springs Gay Club Shooter Threatened To Blow Up His Mother's Home Last Year - HERE'S THE VIDEO - 11/20/2022

Joe Biden Calls For 'Assault Weapons' Ban Following Deadly Gay Nightclub Mass Shooting - 11/20/2022

Colorado Springs Police Identify Suspect In Deadly Gay Nightclub Mass Shooting, 22-Year-Old Anderson Lee Aldrich - 11/20/2022

'I Have To Kill This Guy Before He Kills Us': Army Vet Says 'Combat Mode' Kicked In During Nightclub Shooting - 11/21/2022

Nancy Pelosi, Democrats Blame 'MAGA Republicans' And 'Anti-LGBTQ Bills' For Mass Shooting At LGBT Club - 11/21/2022

Suspect In Gay Nightclub Shooting identifies As Non-Binary - 11/22/2022

Decorated Veteran Who Served 4 Combat Tours Helps Subdue Suspect In Deadly LGBTQ Club Shooting: 'I'm An Officer, And That's What We Do' - 11/22/2022

Colorado Mass Shooting Suspect Is 'Non-Binary', Uses 'They/Them' Pronouns, Attorneys Say - 11/23/2022

Megyn Kelly's Indictment Of Media After Club Q Tragedy Speaks Even Louder After Newest Revelation - 11/23/2022

CNN Anchor Left Stunned By Development In Club Q Massacre That Undermines Media Narrative: 'I Don't Know What To Say' - 11/23/2022

CNN Host, Guest Struggle With Club Q Shooter's Non-Binary Identity: 'That's A Man' - 11/24/2022

Father Of 'They/Them' Gunman In Colorado Springs Generates Backlash Over Comments About Tragedy - 11/24/2022

YO DEMS: Christian Org Was Attacked In 'Retaliation' For Club Q Shooting ... Is That A HATE Crime? - 11/25/2022

'I'm Done With The Bulls**t': Chad Prather Reacts To A Hypocritical Statement Made By A Transgender CNN Commentator - 12/1/2022

FBI Confirms Knowing About Alleged Colorado Gay Nightclub Shooter After 2021 Bomb Threat - 12/9/2022