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Schools & Mass Shootings: New York City Subway Shooting

NYPD Confirms Mass Casualty Event In Brooklyn Subway - 4/12/2022

NYPD Names Person Of Interest Frank James In Brooklyn Subway Shooting - 4/12/2022

UPDATED: Multiple People Injured In Brooklyn Subway Shooting, Explosion; Police Find Several 'Undetonated Devices' - 4/12/2022

'Massive Police Response' At NYC Subway Station - Multiple People Shot, Explosive Devices Located - 4/12/2022

NYPD Calls In Bomb Squad After Finding U-Haul Connected to Subway Gunman - 4/12/2022

JUST IN: NYPD Identifies Person Of Interest In Brooklyn Subway Shooting: 62-Year-Old Frank James - WAS ON FBI'S TERRORIST RADAR UNTIL 2019! - 4/12/2022

Camera System At Brooklyn Subway Station Was Not Working At Time Of Shooting Due To Computer Glitch - 4/12/2022

Frank James, Suspect In New York Subway Shooting, Taken Into Custody - 4/13/2022

NYC Subway Shooter Frank James Is A Black nationalist Like Waukesha Parade Killer - Recently Released Video Manifesto, Posted Video On Ketanji Brown Jackson - 4/13/2022

Subway Shooting Suspect To Face Terrorism Charges - 4/13/2022

What We Know About NYC Subway Shooting Suspect Frank James' Ties To Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 4/13/2022

Who Is Brooklyn Subway Shooting Suspect Frank James? - 4/13/2022

Suspect Frank James Was Spewing Racist Hate Years Before Brooklyn Subway Shooting - 4/13/2022

Who Is Frank James? NYC Subway Shooting Suspect Ranted In Videos As 'Prophet Of Doom' - 4/13/2022

Frank R. James, Brooklyn Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know - 4/13/2022

Brooklyn Subway Shooting Suspect Frank James Had 'Stockpile' Of Weapons, Prosecutors Say - 4/14/2022

Alleged Shooter Frank James' Past Arrests Include Threatening Former Boss - 4/14/2022

FBI, Tech Giants Miss New York Subway Shooting Suspect's Hateful Social Media Trail - 4/14/2022

Brooklyn Shooting Update: Frank James Ordered To Be Held Behind Bars In First Federal Court Appearance - 4/15/2022

NYC Subway Shooting: NYPD Claim Camera Malfunctions Did Not Delay Manhunt - 4/15/2022

MTA inspector General Launches Probe Into Subway Cameras That Failed During Brooklyn Mass Shooting - 4/25/2022

Accused Subway Shooter's Lawyers Allege Illegal FBI Search, Want Evidence Tossed - 4/28/2022

Shooter Had 19 Arrests, 2 Open Cases - Was Let Out On $1 Bail Before NY Subway Shooting - 5/26/2022