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Schools & Mass Shootings: School Safety  

Broward Student Publishes Damning Evidence Proving Broward School Officials Neglected School Safety - 4/28/2018

College Instructor Tries Segregating Gun Carriers In 'Second Amendment Zone' Doesn't Go As Planned - 8/22/2018

I'm A Professor, And I Carry A Gun On Campus.  Here's Why - 8/16/2019

School District Gives Every Deputy An AR-15, Every Student A Tracking Chip - 4/29/2020

Parkland Parent Andrew Pollack Launches School Safety Grant Program - 8/14/2020

Armed Teacher Stops Alleged Kidnapping Attempt On School Playground - 5/27/2021

Sandy Hook Proved The Need To Enhance K-12 Security.  Congress Armed Ukraine Instead. - 5/25/2022

Father Of Parkland Victim Asks Why US Sends Billions To Other Countries But Won't Fund School Safety In US - 5/25/2022

Never Forget: Elizabeth Warren, Ilhan Omar, Others Tried To Get Cops Out Of Schools To Make BLM Happy - 5/25/2022

Schumer Blocks Bipartisan School Safety Bill In Senate After Deadly Shooting - 5/25/2022

Parkland Dad Furious After Chuck Schumer Blocks School Safety Bill Named After Son - 5/27/2022

Karine Jean-Pierre Says Joe Biden Not Interested In "Hardening Schools" Because The Problem Is With Guns (VIDEO) - 5/31/2022

Ohio's Republican Governor Will Sign A Bill Allowing School Employees To Carry Guns - 6/4/2022

Ohio GOP Gov. DeWine Signs Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Gun After 24 Hours Training - 6/13/2022

New Florida Law Supports Veterans, Better Safeguards Schools All At Once - 7/30/2022

AR-15 Firearms Placed In Madison County, North Carolina, Schools As A Security Measure - 8/5/2022

Houston independent School District Approves $2 Million To Buy Guns, Ammo, And Shields For District Police Officers - 8/12/2022