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Schools & Mass Shootings: Uvalde, Texas School Shooting: Policy & Police Failures

Police Recount Disturbing Details Of Texas Elementary School Shooting - 5/25/2022

Texas School Shooting Highlights Pattern Of Disturbing Youths, Lack Of Security, Timely Intervention - 5/26/2022

TX School Shooter Lingered Outside School For 12 Minutes Shooting, Then Walked In Unobstructed - 5/26/2022

Harrowing Videos Show Parents Begging Cops To Stop TX School Shooter - Now Revealed Cops Waited 40 Minutes - 5/26/2022

Texas Congressman Calls For FBI Investigation Into Conflicting Police Reports On Uvalde Shooting - 5/26/2022

Police Spokesman Shocks With Excuse For Why Police Waited So Long To Engage Uvalde Killer: 'They Could Have Been Shot' - 5/27/2022

Police: Gunman 'Walked In Unobstructed'; Cops Arrived In 4 Minutes, But Waited Hour-Plus For Tactical Team - 5/27/2022

Uvalde Mother Says Cop Handcuffed Her Before She Rushed Into School To Rescue Her Children: 'Police Were Doing Nothing' - 5/27/2022

Report: Uvalde School Parents Tased And Arrested While Trying To Save Kids - 5/27/2022

Top Texas Law Enforcement Official Says 'Wrong Decision' To Wait To Get Mass Shooter Inside School - 5/27/2022

In Uvalde, A Picture Is Emerging Of Extreme Cowardice And Incompetence Among Local Police - 5/27/2022

Texas Governor Abbott Says He Was 'Misled' About Police Response During Uvalde Shooting, 'I'm Absolutely Livid' - 5/27/2022

Uvalde Had A Security System For School Shootings. The Failure To Implement It Doesn't Mean Democrats Are Right - 5/28/2022

Uvalde Commissioner Has 'No Idea' Where Armed School Resource Officer Was When Shooting Started - 5/30/2022

WATCH: Shocking Video Confirms Police Knew Kids Were Alive In The Uvalde School During Horrific Massacre - 5/31/2022

Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent Rushed Into Uvalde School With Borrowed Gun, Says Police Stood Outside In 'Gear' - 5/31/2022

As Uvalde Mourns Its Dead, Police Chief Gets Defensive About Officers Who Retreated When Fired On - 5/31/2022

Uvalde School Police Chief Not Cooperating With State Investigation Into Robb Elementary Massacre - 5/31/2022

Uvalde School Police Chief Who Made 'Wrong Decision' Sworn In To City Council - 6/1/2022

'I'm Going In There!': Uvalde Mother Handcuffed By Cops Describes Running Into School During Shooting, Says Police Tried To Silence Her From Telling Her Story - 6/4/2022

We May Never Learn The Truth From Uvalde PD Thanks To Texas Legal Loophole - 6/5/2022

Shock Claim: Uvalde Funeral Worker Tried To Shoot Killer But Police Told Him To 'Stay Back And Shut Up' - 6/8/2022

Uvalde School Police Chief Says He Didn't Know That He Was In Charge During The Child Massacre And Explains Why He Didn't KNow About 911 Calls From Children Inside - 6/10/2022

The Uvalde School Shooting Was A Failure Of Leadership, Not Gun Laws - 6/10/2022

New Report: Two Uvalde Police Officers Had A Chance To Shoot Gunman Before He Entered School, Refused After Noticing One Detail - 6/18/2022

Bombshell Report About The Door In Uvalde Classroom Changes Everything - 6/19/2022

Uvalde Police Had At Least One Ballistic Chield 19 Mins Into The Massacre, And They Still Waited, Report Says - 6/20/2022

Uvalde School Police Cheif Placed On Administrative Leave As Investigation Continues - 6/22/2022

Mom Who Saved Her Own Kids From Uvalde Massacre Says She's Now Being Harassed By Police - 6/27/2022

Uvalde School Police Chief To Resign From City Council - 7/2/2022

Brave Citizen Speaks Out As Uvalde Mayor Attacks Press For Leaking Video Of Police Response: 'Are They Chickens**t?' - 7/13/2022

Police Failures In Uvalde Are What Happen When Law Enforcement Cares More About Woke Politics Than Training - 7/15/2022

Uvalde Report Finds 'Systemic Failures And Egregious Poor Decision-Making' By Police - 7/17/2022

Damning Report On Uvalde School Massacre, 'Nearly 400 Good Guys... They Couldn't Stop One Bad Guy' - 7/18/2022

Shock Findings: Uvalde Police 'Relaxed Vigilance' At School After Frequent Illegal Immigrant Alarms - 7/19/2022

Uvalde City Council Vows To Investigate Every City Officer Who Responded, 'We're Gonna Get A Report On Everybody' - 7/29/2022

Uvalde School Board Fires Police Chief Pete Arredondo - 8/24/2022

Uvalde School District Suspends Entire Police Force After Botched Response To Mass Shooting At Robb Elementary School - 10/7/2022

Former DPS School Office Fired From Uvalde School District - 10/2022

Nashville Heroes Expose The Lies Of Uvalde Cowards - 3/28/2023

Uvalde School Shooting Response Had 'No Urgency,' Plagued With 'Cascading Failures': DOJ Report - 1/18/2024