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REPORT: Squatters Have Taken Over 1,200 Homes In Atlanta, Georgia - Transformed One Into An Illegal Strip Club - 2/7/2024

Squatters Take Over Georgia Man's Home While He Was Caring For Sick Wife - And Now He Can't Evct Them: Report - 3/3/2024

Video: Cops Actually Arrest Owner Of $1 Million Home For Changing Locks On Squatter, Charge Her With Unlawful Eviction - 3/19/2024

Vigilantes Show Up To Evict 'Squatters' At Queens Home Where Owner Was Arrested - As Neighbors Reveal THREE People Have Been Living There For Free And Carrying Out Work Inside - 3/19/2024

Men Show Up At NYC Squatter Home 'Looking To Get This Guy Out.' Neighbors Call Squatters 'Sons Of B***hes,' 'Disgusting.' - 3/20/2024

Up To 30 Squatters Took Over Atlanta Man's Property For Years; He Spent Thousands To Clean Up Estate, Got Sued For $190,000 - 3/25/2024

Teen Squatters Taken Into Custody After Woman Found Dead In Duffle Bag - 3/25/2024

Video: 'Squatter Squad' Crew Confronts 12 Squatters In 1 Home, Kicks In Door, Sends 'Em Packing - 3/26/2024

Venezuelan Illegal Who Mocked Americans And Instructed Illegal Aliens On How To Invade American Homes Arrested By ICE - 3/29/2024

ICE Arrests Illegal Alien TikTok Influencer Who Told Migrants To Seize Vacant Homes In The US Through Squatter's Rights - 3/29/2024

Officers Arrest Fugitive TikTok Influencer Who Encouraged Migrants To Squat In Homes: REPORT - 3/29/2024

ICE Arrests Viral TikToker Who Urged Illegals To Claim Squatter's Rights: Report - 3/29/2024

Leftist 'Young Turks' Host Ana Kasparian Praises Florida's Anti-Squatting Law, Says Blue States Just 'Sitting On Their Asses' - 3/31/2024

Venezuelan Illegal Alien Who Advocated Squatting In Homes Is Facing Potential Gun Charges: Report - 4/3/2024

Texas Homeowners Warned About Using Force Against Squatters - 4/3/2024

4 Of The Gun-Toting Migrant Squatters In NYC House Skipped Out On Processing Appointments After Being Released Into US: ICE - 4/4/2024

Democrats' Systemic Normalization Of Property Theft Birthed America's Squatter Crisis - 4/9/2024

New York Cracks Down On The $1 Million Squatter: Queens Illegal Tenant Who's Been Living Rent-Free Without A Care In The World For Months Is Finally Moved On - 4/18/2024