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Crime & Crime Prevention

Woke Policies: Crime Surge

Liberal Prosecutors Helped Fuel Crime Surges In Some American Cities, Experts Say - 1/2/2023

More Of Rep.Jerry Nadler's "Fraudulent Crime Surge": New Video Shows NYPD Officer Attacked By Suspect With 11 Prior Arrests - 4/18/2023

Chicago Shootings: 50 People Shot, 10 Fatally This Weekend. New Video Shows Criminals Armed With Makeshift Machine Guns Open Fire On Crowd, Killing 14 Year Old. 6/4/2023

FOP President Wants Suspect 'Held Fully Accountable' For Attack On Officer At Sawyer Point - 7/23/2023

CNN Witnesses 3 People Stealing From Walgreens Over 30 Minutes In Democrat-Controlled City - 7/25/2023

After Years Of Pro-Criminal Policies, Democrat D.C. Councilman Urges National Guard Intervention Over Surging Capital Violence (VIDEO) - 8/9/2023

California Thieves Caught On Camera Blatantly Breaking And Entering Into Parked Cars In San Francisco - 8/17/2023

Video Shows San Francisco Smash-And-Snatch Thieves Go On Spree Of Systematic Thefts From Vehicles - 8/20/2023

We Need To Solve Our Violent Crime Epidemic The El Salvador Way - 8/23/2023

Report: Portland Police Response Times Skyrocket As City Struggles WIth Crime - 9/15/2023

SoCal Smash-And-Grab Thieves Steal 23 Rolex Watches In 20 Seconds In Broad Daylight Robbery (VIDEO) - 9/16/2023

'An Intentional Act': Video Shows Retired Cop Get Knocked Off Bike in Deadly Stolen Car Ramming - 9/17/2023

Black Lives Matter Protests Led To Fewer Police Killings, More Murders: Study - 9/18/2023

Crime Is So Bad In DC That Congress Is Distributing Tips To Avoid Being Carjacked In Capitol - 9/19/2023

Here's What The Media Doesn't Want You To Know About The Violent Crime Plaguing Our Citites - 9/19/2023

Top CNN Analyst Says The Quiet Part Out Loud About Far-Left Criminal Justice Reform After Mass Riots In Philly - 9/28/2023

Violent Boomerang: Liberals Victimized By Crime Policies They Advocated - 10/2/2023

Democrat Congressman Carjacked At Gunpoint In Washington, D.C. - 10/2/2023

Shock Crime: Democrat Congressman Carjacked In Washington's Navy Yard - 10/2/2023

Karine Jean-Pierre: Cuellar Got Carjacked Because Republicans Didn't Vote For American Rescue Plan - 10/4/2023

Houston Man Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison After Body-Slamming, Paralyzing Woman In 'Jugging' Attack - 10/14/2023

Crime In San Francisco Is So Bad There Are Now Pirates In The Bay - 11/23/2023

Democrat Mayor Of Denver's Car Stolen As Vehicle Thefts Skyrocket - 11/29/2023

Home Depot Exec Describes Soaring Violent Threats From Shoplifters In Congressional Testimony - 12/14/2023

'Y'all Goona Die Tonight': Dunkin' Workers Used Guns To Threaten Customers In Drive-Thru Police Say - 12/20/2023

Video Shows Long Beach Man Allegedly Attacking Woman With Object While She Was Pushing Baby In Stroller: REPORT - 1/8/2024

SHOCK VIDEO: Footage Captures The Moment Three Thugs In Philadelphia Suburb Coldly Execute A Defenseless Man After Robbing Him - 1/22/2024

Crime Has Gotten So Bad In Blue City That Companies Are Now Paying For Secuirty Escorts To Protect Employees - 1/31/2024

Thugs Tackle DC Woman, Spray Mace In Her Face, Apparently Hold Knife To Her Side, Steal her iPhone - Yet She Says 'I Love DC' - 2/6/2024

Newsom Deploys Additional Officers To Oakland To Curb 'Alarming And Unacceptable' Crime Wave - 2/7/2024

'All Glory To God': Former Wrestler Doesn't Let Thug Get Away With Physically Abusing Female Subway Employee - 4/2/2204