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Jose Alba

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Bodega Worker In Rikers On Murder Charge After Stabbing Attacker In Self-Defense - 7/6/2022

Manhattan Bodega Worker, 51, Knifes Gangster, 37, To Death After He Jumped Counter And Attacked Him Over Cost Of a Bag Of Chips: Locals Demand Employee Is Released From Rikers Island As A GoFundMe To Help Him Raises $20,000 In 12 Hours - 7/6/2022

Mayor Adams, Others Defend Manhattan Bodega Worker Accused In Fatal Stabbing - 7/7/2022

A New York Bodega Worker Is Facing A Murder Charge After Fatally Stabbing A Man Who Attacked Him - 7/13/2022

All Charges Dropped Against 61-Year-Old NYC Deli Worker Jose Alba Who Fatally Stabbed Bigger, Younger Attacker - 7/19/2022

Murder Charge Dropped In NYC Bodega Clerk 'Self-Defense' Stabbing Case - 7/19/2022

Harlem Bodega Worker, Cleared In Fatal Stabbing Over Bag Of Chps, Sues Manhattan DA For Malicious Presecution - 9/30/2023

Ex-Bodega Clerk Jose Alba Sues NYC DA Alvin Bragg For Racial Discrimination After Murder Charges Dropped - 9/30/2023

NYC Calls For Judge to Dismiss Lawsuit By Bodega Clerk Jose Alba - 12/23/2023

New York City Calls For Dismissal Of Lawsuit Filed By Ex-Bodega Clerk Jose Alba After Murder Charges Dropped - 12/23/2023

NYC Attorneys Say Deli Worker, 61, Who Fatally Stabbed Younger Attacker In Self-Defense Went Overboard: Report - 4/1/2024

Trump Vows To 'Straighten New York Out' While Visiting Bodega Where Clerk Jose Alba Was Hit With Murder Charge For Stabbing An Ex-Con In Self-Defense - 4/15/2024