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Los Angeles Hit-And-Run Driver Who Plowed Into Mom And Baby In Stolen Car Is Murdered After Light Sentence - 1/20/2023

Gavin Newsom Has 'Blood On His Hands', Soft On Crime Laws Leads To Another Officer's Death - 2/2/2023

Woke LA County Supervisors Propose Motion To DEPOPULATE Jails By Releasing Inmates - And Also Consider Letting Criminals With Bail Set At Under $50,000 Out Of Prison - 4/2/2023

Los Angeles Zero-Bail Policy Reinstated - Even For Repreat Offenders - 5/25/2023

50 Cent Suggests Los Angeles Is Doomed After City Reinstates No-Bail Policy: 'Watch How Bad It Gets' - 7/10/2023

Los Angles County's Zero-Bail Policy Takes Effect Amid Surge In Crime - 10/2/2023

Inside LA's Brazen Sex Market, Where Women Sell Themselves In Broad Daylight - Emboldened By California's New Laws - 10/23/2023

California Sheriff Rips Into Target Over 'Unbelievable' Restrictions Against Policing Retail Theft - 11/10/2023

'Enough Is Enough': Retailers Back California Initiative To Raise Penalties For Property Crime - 12/23/2023

California Audiologist Who Stabbed Boyfriend 108 Times In 'Cannabis-induced Psychosis' Gets A Slap On The Wrist - 1/24/2024

Easter Sunday Looters Take Whatever They Want From San Fran Wlagreens With No Resistance; Cops Arrive 4 Hours Later - 4/3/2024

EXCLUSIVE: 8 Armed Suspects Clear Out Oakland Chinatown Legacy Jewelry Store - 4/12/2024

8 Armed Robbers Smash Family-Owned Oakland Jewelry Store, Loot 90% Of Inventory, Owners Say - 4/12/2024

Shocking Moment Oakland Jewelry Shop Owner Cowers In Terror As Gang Of Hammer-Wielding Robbers Ransack 90% Of Her Stock - Before Her 76-Year-Old Husband Emerges With A Gun And Scares Them Off - 4/12/2024

Phuong Jewelry Store Robbery By Mob Of Armed Robbers Caught On Camera - 4/12/2024

California Jewelry Store Cancels Insurance Plan After It Gets Too Expensive - Owners Hit With A Gut Punch As Armed Gang Entered - 4/14/2024