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Manhattan DA Downgrades Felonies In NYC While Potentially Upgrading Trump's Charge To Felony - 3/20/2023

REVEALED: Terrifying Rap Sheets Of The Ten Worst NYC Criminals Who Were REPEATEDLY Released By Manhattan DA Bragg As He Focused On Trump Indictment - 4/4/2023

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg "Has Downgraded Over 50% Of The Felonies To Misdemeanors." - 4/8/2023

NYPD Reaches 'Landmark Agreement' Over Responses To Black Lives Matter Riots During Summer 2020 - 9/5/2023

Leftist NYC Professor Caught On Camera Holding Machete To Reporter's Neck Avoids Jail Time With Plea Deal - 10/3/2023

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Vetoes Controversial City Council Bill That Would Have Forced NYPD To Track Every Police Stop - 1/22/2024

NYC Man Filmed Hacking Police With Machete Won't Be Charged With Attempted Murder - 2/1/2024

RESIGN! Soros-Funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Issues Public Statement Following The Release Of Illegal Immigrants Who Brutally Attacked NYPD Cops - Claims Insufficient Evicence Despite Video Footage (VIDEO) - 2/3/2024

'There's Nobody In Charge': Former NYPD Top Cop Ray Kelly Says Life In The Big Apple Has 'Really Deteriorated' - 2/25/2024

Ex-NYPD Top Cop Ray Kelly Says NYC Quality Of Life Has 'REally Deteriortted' Amid Crime Surge: 'There's Nobody In Charge' - 2/25/2024

Hochul Putting The National Guard In NYC Subways Is A Political Stunt - 3/5/2024

What New York's National Guard Subway Deployment Is REALLY About -  3/7/2024

Kathy Hochul Says Her National Guard Subway Patrol Is 'Working' Despite Recent Train Shooting - 3/16/2024

NYC Democrat Asks 'Where Are The Men' Doing Something About Savage Attacks On Women. Critics Tell Her: On Trial. - 3/29/2024

Male, 30, Allegedly Punches 9-Year-Old Girl In Face In NYC; He Was Chraged Just Days Prior With Punching Woman - And Released - 4/15/2024