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Woke Policies: Teen Crimes & Mobs: Attacks On People

Three St. Louis Teens Released And Sent Home After Shots Fired At Police Officers - 1/23/2023

6 Suspects Ages 11 Through 14 Arrested After Brutal Beating Of Woman On Philly Street That Left Her Unconscious; Victim Says People Nearby 'Just Kept Walking' - 3/10/2023

Video Shows Chicago 'Teen Takeover' Mob Cut Off Woman's Escape And Engulf Her: Report - 4/20/2023

Video: Juvenile Body-Slams Uniformed Detroit Cop In Attempt To Steal His Gun; Perp's Underage Accomplice Pulls Piece Of His Own - 6/13/2023

Shocking Video Shows 14-Year-Old Female Student Brutally Beaten At California Middle School Where Police Were Defunded - 7/14/2023

Mob Stomps To Death Nightclub Security Guard - Described As 'Family-Oriented Man' And Father Of 2 - On Hollywood Street, Police Say - 7/31/2023

Two 13-Year-Olds Charged In Fatal Shooting Of A Minor In Ohio: Report - 8/28/2023

'Hit His A**!' Video Shows Teens Giggle In Stolen Car As They Intentionally Run Over, Kill Retired Police Chief On Bicycle, Las Vegas Authorities Say - 9/16/2023

'An Intentional Act': Video Shows Retired Cop Get Knocked Off Bike in Deadly Stolen Car Ramming - 9/17/2023

Residents In Upscale Long Beach Apartment Complex Are Being Terrorized By Mob Of Teens Who Have Hit Them With SKATEBOARDS, Lit Their Cars On Fire And Caused Chaos - 10/24/2023

Mob Attacks Detroit First Responders, Damaging Fire Truck And Preventing EMS From Assisting Fatal Car Crash Victims Quickly - 11/14/2023

Texas Teen, Who Went Missing, Charged With Murder Of Man She Met Online While Her Boyfriend May Have Fled To Mexico - 11/19/2023

DC Mayor Bowser Declares Public Emergency Over 'Youth Violence' After Nearly 100 Minors Are Shot In Just Nine Months - 11/20/2023

Judge Sentences 3 Teen Girls Over Carjacking Death Of 73-Year-Old Woman Whose Arm Was Torn Off As She Was Dragged Down Street - 11/20/2023

Teens Face Murder Charges After Allegedly Laughing While They Beat 53-Year-Old Father To Death Outside Ohio Kroger - 12/22/2023

Massachusetts Police Look To Charge Teens Accused Of Random Assault On Elderly Christmas Carolers - 12/22/2023

Girl, 14, Repeatedly Stomps, Punches Head Of Another Girl In Class: Cops, Victim Hospitalized; Suspect Released To Guardian. - 12/27/2023

13-Year-Old Girl Arrested For Brutally Stabbing Her Mother More Than Two Dozen Times, According To Texas Police - 1/2/2024

DC Police Arrest 9 And 13-Year-Old Children For Attempting To Rob A Woman At Knifepoint In The Middle Of The Night - 1/27/2024

Cops Arrest 3 Girls at Middle School On Felonies After Fight; Insanity Doesn't Let Up On Way to Police Station Or At Station - 1/30/2024

13 -Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot 'Always Happy' Grandpa On Denver Bus Because His Leg Was Blocking The Aisle: Police - 2/3/2024

Texas Boys, 7 And 12, Taken Into custody After Allegedly Stabbing A 59-Year-Old Woman: Report - 3/24/2024

Girls, 12 And 13 Arrested for Allegedly Beating Disabled man To Death, Walking Away In A 'Celebratory Mood' - 3/31/2024

Teens Laugh And Point After Allegedly Beating And Butchering Wyoming Boy Who Tried To Protect His Girlfriend - 4/11/2024

13-Year-Old Punk Accused Of Stealing Woman's Purse, Punching Her, Throwing Her To Ground; But He's Soon Kissing Concrete, Too - 4/25/2024