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Public & Private Schools: College Activism: Anti-Semitism

Campus Anti-Semites Plot 'Day Of Resistance' In Support Of Hamas - 10/10/2023

NYC Department Of Education Gives Schools Long List Of Websites To Address Mideast War. Many Of Them Hold A Strong, Anti-Israel Bias - 10/14/2023

Elite Law Schools Encourage Students To Work For Israeli-Designated Terror Organizations - 10/15/2023

Jewish Student's Dorm Room Door Set On Fire At Drexel University - 10/16/2023

Hate Crime: 19-Year-Old Suspect Tore Down Pro-Israel Posters At Columbia University, Clobbered Israeli Student With Stick, Prosecutors Say - 10/17/2023

Democrat Fairfax County School Board Member Objects To Moment Of Silence For Israeli Victims - 10/18/2023

Champagne Marxists At Elitist Universities Deny Antisemitism When Dollars Are On The Line - 10/18/2023

Professor Calls Israelis 'Pigs,' 'Savages,' 'Excrement,' Says 'May They All Rot In Hell' - Then Performs Curious About-Face In Next-Day Apology - 10/18/2023

Student Accuses Israel Of Genocide, Cites False Hamas Claims; Kamala Harris Praises His 'Leadership' - 10/18/2023

NYU Activists Tear Down Photos Of Hamas Hostages {Updated} - 10/18/2023

Michigan Professor Under Fire For Taking Down Pictures Of Israelis Killed Or Taken Hostage By Hamas [Updated] - 10/19/2023

'They Should Fear Us': UC Davis Professor Threatens Jewish Journalists And Their Children - 10/19/2023

Jewish College Student HORRIFIED By ANTISEMITISM On Campus After Hamas Attack - 10/20/2023

George Washington University Blasted After Students Project Genocidal Message Against Jews - 10/25/2023

Violent Threats Against Cornell Jewish Students, Kosher Dining Hall Launch Campus Investigation - 10/29/2023

Ben Shapiro To Oxford Union Members' Calls For Israel's Destruction: 'Full Genocidal Intent For The Jewish People' - 11/1/2023

EXCLUSIVE: University President's Statement Opposing Antisemitism Draws Wave Of Anti-Israel Attacks - 11/7/2023

'What A Disgrace': MIT Student Launches Anti-Israel Rant During Math Lecture, But Viewers Are Shocked By Professor's Reaction - 11/11/2023

'Complicated': Over 100 Harvard Faculty Defend 'From The River To The Sea' - 11/14/2023

More Than 100 Harvard Professors Slam University President For Bowing To Donor 'Pressure' And Condemning Antisemitism - 11/16/2023

Pro-Israel Teacher Forced To Hide After Palestinian-Supporting Students Cause Anti-Semitic Riot At New York City High School - 11/26/2023

A Jewish Professor At USC Confronted Pro-Palestinian Students. He's Now Barred From Campus - 11/26/2023

A Jewish Teacher Was The Target Of A Student Protest At Hillcrest High School - 11/28/2023

Memes Bad, Jewish Genocide OK? GOP Flays Harvard President For Double Standards On Speech - 12/5/2023

MIT Free Speech Advocate Calls KKK threats On Campuses More Of A 'Safety' Issue Than The Call For Genocide Of Jews - 12/9/2023

Principal Was 'Proud' Of Students For Protesting Against Israel On Kristallnacht, Emails Show - 1/8/2024

Harvard's New Antisemitism Task Force Co-Chair Accused Of Antisemitism - 1/20/2024

MIT Leaders Assembled A Faculty Advisory Group On Campus Anti-Semitism. Then They ignored It. - 2/14/2024

MIT Students Set Up Encampment To Protest Israel And University's 'Ties' With IDF - 4/21/2024

Blaze News Original: Jewish Student Wearing Yarmulke At Columbia Faces Down Anti-Semitism - And Rises Above It - 4/24/2024

What's Behind Antisemitic Protests On College Campuses - 4/25/2024