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Margaret Sullivan Rewarded For Being On Wrong Side Of Every Major News Story With A Gig Teaching 'Ethics' - 11/14/2023

DEI Chief At Columbia Med School Hit With Plagiarism Accusations - 2/29/2024

Cops Storm Columbia, Bust 108 Anti-Israel Protesters After University Prez Finally Tells NYPD To Clear Campus - 4/18/2024

NYPD Arrests Dozens Of Demonstrators At Columbia University Over 'Gaza Solidarity Encampment' - 4/18/2024

"We Don't Want A Two State. We Want 48." - Columbia University - 4/19/2024

Ilhan Omar Is 'Enormously Proud' Of Daughter Who Was Arrested At Anti-Israel Protest - 4/20/2024

Privileged Columbia Protester Who 'Killed' Elderly Couple In Crash Should Be In Jail, Not On Campus, Furious Family Says - 4/21/2024

Ted Cruz Pulls Zero Punches In Response To Brazen Pro-Hamas Protester At Columbia - 4/21/2024

House Education Chair Demands Columbia University Expulsions - 4/22/2024

NFL Patriots Owner Bob Draft Yanks Money From Columbia Until 'School Can Protect Its Students' - 4/22/2024

Columbia University Faces Full-Blown Crisis As Rabbi Calls For Jewish Students To 'Return Home' - 4/22/2024

Rep. Ilhan Omar's Daughter Learns The Hard Way That Actions Have Consequences After Arrest At Anti-Israel Columbia Protest - 4/22/2024

Ilhan Omar Tries To Defend Columbia Protesters (And Her Daughter), And It Backfires Immediately - 4/22/2024

Columbia University Moves To Remote Learning As Campus 'Rancor' Puts Jewish Students On Edge - 4/22/2024

Blaze News Original: Jewish Student Wearing Yarmulke At Columbia Faces Down Anti-Semitism - And Rises Above It - 4/24/2024

Is Columbia Funding Its Own Occupation? Student Organization Policies Suggest So - 4/24/2024

Columbia University Threatens To  Expel Students Occupying Building In Pro-Palestinian Demonstration - 4/30/2024

Columbia University Suspends Press Access on Campus Amid Pro-Palestine Protests - 4/30/2024