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Public & Private Schools: Cover-Ups

- Loudoun County Rape By Transgender

Report: HS Student Suspended After She Reported Sexual Assault - And The School Is Now Making Her Take A Sexual Harassment Prevention Course - 11/3/2021

Report: School Punishes 15-Year-Old Girl For Reporting Sexual Assult In School Toilet - 11/8/2021

Parents Protest After Student Who Posted 'Up-Skirt' Photos Of Female Schoolmates Is Allowed To Return To Class - 11/19/2021

More Than 20 Ex-Students At Babylon High School Accuse Teachers Of Sex Misconduct - 11/22/2021

Michigan School Now Accused Of Destroying Evidence After Deadly Shooting - 12/12/2021

Parents Thought Their Children Would Be Safe.  A Teacher's Sex Abuse Went Unreported For Years - 3/5/2022

Biden Education Department Declines To Explain 160,000 'Missing' Public Comments On Redefining 'Sex' In Title IX - 9/10/2022

Skirt-Wearing Biological Boy Sexually Assaulted 2 Female Students Last Year - Superintendent Finaly Fired Following Grand Jury Report - 12/7/2022

Connecticut Lawmakers Move To Block Parents From Seeing Teacher-Student Communications - 2/10/2023

Trans Teacher Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Students, And Parents Say The Middle School Failed To Notify Them - 4/13/2023

Grown Man Identifying As 'Trans' Exposed Genitalia To Four Freshmen Girls, School Did Nothing, Lawyers Allege - 4/21/2023

Parents Demand Justice After 6-Year-Old Girl Sexually Assaulted And Filmed In Plainview ISD Texas (VIDEO) - 5/7/2023

First-Grade Girl Was "Sexually Assaulted By Multiple Boys In Her Classroom," Parents Furious At Texas School For Alleged Cover Up - 5/8/2023

6-Year-Old Girl Forced To Perform Sex Act On Boy while Another Classmate Filmed: Report - 5/8/2023

Wisconsin School District Charges Law Group $11K For Records Over A Trans-Identifying Male Student Showering IN Front Of Four Girls - 5/17/2023

Lawsuit Over Sex-Trafficked Teen Could Stop Schools From Hiding Kids' Dysphoria - 9/25/2023

Lawsuit Over Sex-Trafficked Teen Could Stop Schools From Hiding Kids' Dysphoria - 9/25/2023

School Assigned Girl To Share Bed With Trans-Identifying Boy Without Parental Notification: Report - 12/5/2023

District Allegedly 'Altered ... Official Records' To Conceal Treating Middle-School Girl As A Boy Without Telling Her Parents - 12/19/2023

Virginia Drops Remaining Criminal Charge Against Loudoun Superintendent Who Lied About Rape - 12/21/2023

When A Mom Stood Up For Her Special-Needs Son, School Board Bullies Silenced Her In Person And Online - 2/2/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Blue State Shields Schools' Sex Ed, Gender Trainings From Public View - 2/21/2024

75-Year-Old Teacher Says He Was Brutally Beaten By Student And Demanded To Press Charges, But District Refused To Take Action - 2/28/2024

'Culture Of Violence': 2-Against-1 Beatdown In HS Restroom Allegedly Leaves Victim Knocked Out, Hospitalized With Concussion - 3/14/2024

Outraged Parents Organize Walkout AFter Finding LGBTQ Club Was Created In Secret At Grade School IN California - 3/29/2024