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Public & Private Schools: 'Domestic Terrorist' Parents?

School Board Group Demands Biden Use The Patriot Act Against Parents - 10/1/2021

Checkmate: Jim Jordan Tricks A.G. Garland Into Making Damaging Confession - 10/25/2021

REVEALED: National School Board Association Coordinated With Biden Regime Before Garland Classified Parents "Domestic Terrorists" - 10/21/2021

Emails Show Frustration Within NSBA, Resistance To White House Letter Comparing Parents To Domestic Terrorists - 11/12/2021

School Board President Busted! Under Investigation, Digging Up Dirt To Go After Parents - 11/15/2021

Explosive Docs: AG Garland Lied To Congress, Whistleblower Shows FBI Flagging Parents As Possible Terrorists - 11/16/2021

Texas School Board With Their Own Police Force Uses Them To Silence Parents - 11/29/2021

School Blocks Parents From Their Right To Choose - 11/30/2021

National School Boards Association Faces 'Critical Loss' Of Funding Over Letter Likening Some Parents To Domestic Terrorists - 12/7/2021

Rep. Crawford: The Garland FBI Memo Is A Threat To Every American Who Cares About Their Child's Education - 12/7/2021

Education Secretary Cardona Solicited NSBA Letter Comparing Protesting Parents To Domestic Terrorists: Email - 1/11/2022

Liberal Media Deafeningly Silent On Report Indicating Biden Admin Was Behind Letter Describing Parents As Domestic Terrorists - 1/12/2022

Americans Question Why Parents Labeled Domestic Terrorists, But Not Antifa, After Biden Admin Solicited Letter - 1/13/2022

13 States Bring Legal Action Against Biden - They're Demanding FBI Records Of Surveillance On American Parents - 3/4/2022

School Board Association Sued For Policies 'Unconstitutionally Silence Parents' - 4/19/2022

Republicans Say They Have Proof FBI Targeted Concerned Parents, Despite Garland Denials - 5/12/2022

House Republicans Reveal 'Smoking Gun' Relating To FBI's Investigations Of Concerned Parents - 5/14/2022

Chris Wray's FBI Harassed Mother For Speaking Out At School Board Meeting (Video) - 5/16/2022

NSBA's Apology For Letter Comparing Parents To Terrorists Hasn't Stopped The FBI From Targeting Free Speech - 6/15/2022

With Nebraska Group's Withdrawal, Half Of The 50 States Have Now Ditched The NSBA For Targeting Parents - 6/15/2022

Father Confronts School Board, Makes Them Accidentally Confirm Sick Books Allowed In School - 7/14/2022

House Judiciary Subpoenas FBI Director Wray And AG Garland For Targeting Parents - 2/3/2023

House Judiciary Committee: 'No Legitimate Basis' For Biden Administration To Target Parents Protesting School Boards - 3/22/2023

'Intimidating Parents Into Silence': Garland's FBI Order On School Meetings Had 'Chilling' Effect, Attorney Testifies - 3/23/2023

'I Hope DOJ Reconsiders': FBI Personnel Blindsided By Attorney General Garland's Memo Targeting Parents - 3/23/2023

Judge Threatens Parents With Massive Penalties For Challenging School Atiracism Dogma: Lawyers - 4/10/2023

Virginia Leftists Secretly Plotted To Guard Democrats From Trans Rape Fallout - 5/11/2023

Private Ohio Academy Accused Of Alerting FBI When Parents Exposed Left-Wing Curriculum, Financial Mismanagement: Report - 6/26/2023

SPLC Labels Parents As Perpetrators Of Hate, Gets White House Welcome - 7/6/2023

Newly Released DOJ Memo Details Top-Down Pressure On Cops To Probe Vague School Board Threats - 12/13/2023

How To STOP The FBI's Abuse Of Power Against Parents - 4/2/2024