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California Mom Takes Legal Action Agatinst School District 'After Two Teachers Secretly Manipulated Her Daughter, 11, Into Believing She Was A Transgender Boy And Gave Tips On How To Bind Her Breasts' - 1/21/2022

'Queer All School Year': Los Angeles School District Forces Gender Theory Into Classroom - 7/21/2022

Parents Cannot 'Dictate What Their Children Are Taught': School Board's Lawyer Says Parents Outraged Over District's Transgender Policy Can 'Choose To Have Your Child Attend Elsewhere' - 10/26/2022

'Radical Feminist' Elementary School Counselor Sues District For Firing Her After She Denounced 'Gender Identity Ideology' At Public Rally - 11/17/2022

Connecticut School District Approves Transgender Book For Second Graders Amid Backlash From Parents - 12/1/2022

California School District Shuts Down Library App After 2nd-Graders Obtain Books That Feature Sexual Assault And Pedophile Animals - 2/2/2023

Non-Binary Male Who Believes Little Girls ARe 'Kinky' Featured During LA School Districts Week-Long Celebration Of Transgender Day Of Visibility - 3/28/2023

EXCLUSIVE: School District's 'Women' Studies Course Instructs Students To Avoid Using 'Gender-Biased' Words - 4/2/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Arizona School District Encourages Students To Attend Queer Activities During Spring Break - 4/3/2023

SHOCKING: School Board CAUGHT Calling Parents A 'HATE CROWD' - 5/1/2023

Wisconsin School District Charges Law Group $11K For Records Over A Trans-Identifying Male Student Showering IN Front Of Four Girls - 5/17/2023

EXCUSIVE: School District Tells Gym Teachers To Wear Gay Flags, Use Preferred Pronouns To Make Class More 'Inclusive' - 6/1/2023

Family Punished For Opposing Transgender Student In Girls' Locker Room Scores Settlement With School District - 6/3/2023

Nebraska Teachers Union Launches Petition To End School Choice - 6/6/2023

Wisconsin Parent Files Lawsuit Against District For Refusing To Provide Copy Of Transgender Middle School Teacher's Speech To Students - 7/26/2023

Virginia School Districts Refuse To Comply With Younkin's Policy Requiring Trans-Identifying Students To Use Restrooms That Align With Biological Sex - 7/28/2023

Fairfax County Schools Accused Of Defying Youngkin Transgener Student Policies - 8/15/2023

Another California School District Approves Student Gender Parent Notification Policy - 9/8/2023

Crowd ERUPTS When Woke Superintendent Is Kicked Out of School Board Meeting For Saying THIS - 9/12/2023

School Board Votes to Continue Letting Transgender Students Use Whatever Restrooms They Want - Then Hundreds of HS Students Walk Out Of Class In Protest - 9/19/2023

Over 1,000 School Districts Allow Teachers To Hide Transgender Status Of Students From Their Guardians, Parents' Group Claim - 9/26/2023

L.A. School District Indoctrinates 5-Year-Olds With Celebration Of LGBTQ Values - 10/6/2023

Democrats Versus Muslims: Liberal States Back School District's Ban On Opt-Outs For LGBTQ Lessions - 11/28/2023