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Public & Private Schools: Unions

Teachers' Unions Push Abortions On Children As Young As 12 Without Their Parents' Knowledge - 4/16/2019

Teachers Union Boss Gets Schooled: Chris Fufo Threatens To "Wage Legal War" Against Randi Weingarten For Posting Completely Fabricated Quote From His Recent Speech - 4/25/2022

Minneapolis Teachers Union Contract Stipulates White Teachers To Be Laid Off First - 8/14/2022

Head Of Second-Largest Teaching Union In US Forgot To Do Her Homework, Posts Totally Fake 'Proof' Against Conservatives - 8/22/2022

Teachers Leave Notional Education Association, Say Union Pushes Politics With Member Dues - 10/4/2022

After Destroying Your Kids' Education, Teachers Unions Think We Should All Just Hug It Out - 11/4/2022

Educators 'Know Better Than Anyone' What Kids 'Need To Learn And Thrive' Says Teachers' Union That Called For School Closures - 11/14/2022

Teachers' Union President Suggests Criticism Against Her Incites Violence: 'It Will Lead To Violence' - 11/23/2022

Teachers Flee Unions As Membership Plummets By Almost 60,000 - 12/7/2022

Teachers Unions Have Collectvely Bargained Woke Policies Into The Classrom, Report Shows - 1/18/2023

Teachers Union President Melts Down On Supreme Court Steps - 2/28/2023

Michigan's Largest Teachers Union To Pay Up After Taking Millions In Federal Loans They Weren't Eligible For - 3/7/2023

LA Teacher's Union Boss Keeps Over 500K Kids Out Of School Again, Then Enjoys An NBA Suite Experience - 3/23/2023

American Federation Of Teachers Union Prez Says Time To Find 'Courage' To Ban Guns, Implies Repeal Of 2nd Amendment - 3/28/2023

How Parents Can Stop Teachers Unions' Legalized Anti-Kid Thuggery - 4/25/2023

Randi Weingarten, Teacher's Union Helped Coordinate CDC's 2021 School Reopening Guidance, Records Reveal - 4/25/2023

Report: Teachers' Union Under randi Weingarten 'Colluded' With Biden Administration To Keep Schools Shuttered And On CDC Messaging - 4/26/2023

Randi Weingarten Grilled On Teachers Union's Influence On COVID-19 School Closures - 4/26/2023

CNN Contributor Blasts Teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten Over COVID School Closures: 'I Hear No Remorse' - 4/28/2023

Teachers Union Boss Randi Weingerten REPEATEDLY Tries To Rewrite History - Twitter Users Won't Let Her - 4/28/2023

Lockdown Leaders Scramble To Rewrite History - 5/1/2023

Twitter Users Set The Record Straight After Politifact Says Randi Weingarten 'Advocated For Reopening Schools' During Pandemic - 5/3/2023

Teachers' Union President Randi Weingarten Tweets About Service that Scans People's Social Media Accounts For Potentially Problematic Posts They May Want To Delete - 5/10/2023

Oakland Teachers Strike In 5th Day Over Climate Justice, Homeless Housing, Reparations - 5/10/2023

Teachers Unions Swarm Small-Town Conservative School Board That Dares To Reform Public Ed - 5/18/2023

Nebraska Teachers Union Launches Petition To End School Choice - 6/6/2023

Largest Teachers Union In America Recommends Illustrative Pornography Book "Gender Queer" And "White Fragility" For Educators - 7/6/2023

Pennsylvania's School Choice Sellout Shows Teachers Unions Still Own The Democrats - 7/12/2023

Top Oklahoma Official Alleges Teachers Unions, China Are Cheerleading Anti-Americanism In Schools - 8/13/2023

Teachers' Unions Trained Educators To 'Indoctrinate' Students With 'Radical Progressive Ideology': Report - 8/17/2023

Nation's Biggest Teachers Union 'Coached' Teachers To Inject Gender Identity Into Curricula, Report Says - 8/21/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Teachers Unions Shelled Out Millions In Members' Dues On Political Initiatives, Lobbying - 8/24/2023

Chicago Teachers Union President Defends Sending Son To Private School After Backlash - 9/8/2023

FBI And IRS Launch Coordinated Raid On Duval Teachers Union Office IN Jacksonville, Florida - Authorities Tight-Lipped On Ongoing Investigation - 9/11/2023

Tim Scott Smacks Teachers Union Boss For Comparing Parental Rights To Segregation - 9/15/2023

Unions Deploy Eye-Popping 'Methods Of Disruption' Against Conservative School Board Facing Reelection - 11/2/2023

As Student Success In Oregon Plummets, Teachers' Unions Deserve Blame - 11/10/2023

Illinois Democrats Kill Program Helping 10,000 Students - Chicago Teachers Union Cheers - 11/11/2023

Critics Ruthlessly Mock Teachers' Union President Over Her Poat About Causes Of Home Schooling Spike: 'It's You, Randi.' - 11/14/2023

National Education Union Spends Teachers' Dues Pushing Anti-Child Policies - 2/22/2024