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AP African American Studies - Year Two Pilot Guide -

'Contrary To Florida Law': DeSantis Rejects High Shool Course Emerging Nationwide Over Wokeness Concerns - 1/18/2023

Florida Says AP African-American Studies Class Runs Afoul Of State Law, Largely 'Lacks Educaitonal Value' - 1/19/2023

DeSantis Discusses Ban Of High School AP African American Studies Class That Contained CRT And Section On 'Queer Theory' - 1/23/2023

White House Backs High School Classes That Teach Racial Discriminiation And Animosity - 1/24/2023

Jennings Schooled CRT Lawmaker After She Falsifies EDU Florida Laws - 1/24/2023

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NAACP Considering Lawsuit Over Florida's Ban Of African American Studies Class That Contained CRT And Section On 'Queer Theory' - 1/29/2023

Black Florida Democrat Sides With Ron DeSantis On AP African American Studies Course: 'I Think It's Trash' - 2/1/2023

DeSantis Says Black People Benefited From Slavery By Learning Skills Like 'Being A Blacksmith' - 7/23/2023

AP African American Studies Contains Same Slavery Teachings As New Florida Standards - 7/27/2023

Heritage Foundation President Blasts False Claims About Florida's African American History Curriculum - 7/28/2023

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Historian Levels Kamala Harris, Schools Her On African American History - 7/31/2023

Leftists Don't Want Florida Kids to Learn About These Former Slaves' Self-Made Success Stories - 8/2/2023

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Univision Host Amplifies Florida Curriculum Hoax In Fox News GOP Debate - 9/28/2023

Ron DeSantis Pushes Back On Slavery 'Hoax' From Kamala Harris As Left-Wing Moderator, Tim Scott Push It - 9/28/2023