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Public & Private Schools: Wokeness In Education: Anti-Christian Agenda

Nearly 400 Years After Being Founding To Begin Educating America's Ministers, Harvard Makes Big Change At Top Chaplain Position - 9/5/2021

Woke Lesson At Public High School Told Students They're Privileged If They're Christian, Straight, Or Male.  Now District Reportedly Is Doing Damage Control. - 1/12/2022

Illinois School District Allows After School Club For Satanism In Elementary School - 1/14/2022

Boston Suburb Denies Church's Request To Open School Over Stance On Creationism, Sexuality - 4/1/2022

Supreme Court Strikes Down Maine's Unconstitutional Tuition Program For Excluding Faith-Based Schools - 6/21/2022

The Bible And Anne Frank Diary Yanked From Shelves In Texas School District - 8/17/2022

Project Veritas: Connecticut Public School Asst. Principal Admits To Discriminating Against Hiring Catholics, Hopes To Ensure Students Vote Democrat In Future (VIDEO) - 8/30/2022

Catholic University To Cut Religious Studies, Theology Majors To Fund More In-Demand Programs - 2/21/2023

'Parents Need To Wake Up': Advocates Sound Alarm About Satanist After-School Clubs Sprouting Across The Country - 3/5/2023

Woke School Board Excoriated By Community And Teachers Over Its Anti-Christian Bigotry - Sued By Christian University - 3/10/2023

'Complete Vindication': Woke School District Learns A Hard Lesson About 'Discriminating' Against A Christian University - 5/6/2023

DHS-Funded College Program Equates Conservatives And Christians To Militant Neo-Nazis: 'Pyramid Of Far-Right Radicalization' - 5/26/2023

Beijing Exports Religious Suppression By Printing Propaganda In US Textbooks: Report - 5/30/2023

Woke Professor Fails Student For Refusing To Renounce Her Christian Faith - 6/1/2023

King James Bible Pulled From Miltiple Utah Schools 'Due To Vulgarity Or Violence' After Petition Called It 'Sex-Ridden' - 6/2/2023

Texas School District Cancels Prayer Event, Caving To Pressure From Out-Of-State Group - 8/8/2023

The Lord's Prayer Breaks Out During School Board Meeting After Official Tells Woman Her Offer To Publicly Pray For Students Is 'Not Permitted' - 9/8/2023

Appeals Court Blasts School District For 'Double Standard' Against Religious Student Groups - 9/15/2023

Anti-Religious Group Claims Auburn University's Football Coach Attending Massive Christian Revival On Campus Is 'Unconstitutional' - 9/24/2023

Oklahoma AG Sues To Block Catholic Charter Shool, Claiming It's A 'Gross Violation Of Our Religious Liberty' - 10/23/2023

Michigan Tries To Force Christian School To Hire Anti-Christian Teachers, But The School Is Fighting Back - 11/24/2023

School Board Member Sworn In On Stack Of Gay Porn Instead Of Bible - 12/14/2023

School Officials Are Being Sworn In On Gay Porn Books, Rather Than The Bible - 12/17/2023

Biden's Secretary Of Education Has Vowed To Shut Down Largest Christian College In The US - 4/20/2024

Largest Christian University In America Gets Fined $37 Million. Coincidence Or Targeted Attack? - 4/22/2024