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Public & Private Schools: Wokeness In Education: Pushback

Gov. DeSantis Just Officially Brought Back The Opportunity For Prayer In Schools - 6/15/2021

'A Stunningly Corrupt Enterprise': Jordan Peterson Blasts Academia, Resigns As Tenured Professor At University Of Toronto - 1/19/2022

SF Voters Launch 'Revolt' Against Progressive Agenda As Three School Board Members Are Recalled - 2/16/2022

Attorney Discusses Lawsuits Against New 'Unconstitutional' K-12 School Admissions Processes - 2/18/2022

Texas Becomes 23rd State To Exit National School Boards Association - 5/27/2022

Tenured UCLA Professor Retires Early, Claims 'The Woke Takeover Of Higher Education Has Ruined Academic Life' - 7/22/2022

DeSantis-Backed School Boards Already Scoring Major Victories, Republicans Should Pay Attention - 12/3/2022

Red States To Crack Down On Woke Higher Education In 2023 - 1/3/2023

Trump Proposes Big Changes To Public Education, Saying It's Been Overtaken By 'Radical Left Maniacs' - 1/27/2023

"A Nest Of Radical D.C. Activists Masquerading As Educators" - Rep. Berry Moore Introduces Bill To Abolish Woke Department Of Education - 2/11/2023

'Tipping Point': Arizona Parents Call For Superintendent's Removal Over Resurfaced Comments On 'Racial Identity' - 2/22/2023

WINNING: Two Major Universities Drop "Diversity, Equity And Inclusion" Requirments After Backlash - 2/25/2023

Parents Fight Elite High School's Lottery System Used To Increase Diversity - 3/11/2023

Law Prof To File Bar Complaint Against Stanford Students Who Heckled, Harassed Federal Judge - 3/20/2023

Texas Colleges Claim To Drop 'Diversity, Equity, Inclusion' Policies After Abbott Directive - 3/23/2023

'I Identigy As An American': Black Republican Lawmaker Recieves Applause For Calling Out Woke 'Race-Baiting' Democratic Colleague During DEI Debate - 4/14/2023

Students Sue After Michigan School District Forces Them To Remove 'Let's Go Brandon' Sweatshirts - 4/25/2023

Idaho Board Of Education Bans Requiring Or Requesting 'Diversity Statements' To Get A Job - 4/27/2023

'We're Not Doing That Here,' Oklahoma Schools Superintendent Says Of DEI Instruction - 5/2/2023

Florida Rejects Social Studies Textbooks Containing Leftist Propaganda And Revisionist Histories About BLM, Communism - 5/10/2023

High School Teacher Slams DEI Training As 'White Shaming,' Claims Students 'Run The School' - Now Students Want Her Punished - 5/11/2023

Texas Set To Give Boot To Leftist DEI Offices At Public College Campuses - 5/23/2023

Princeton Professor Rededicates The Month Of June To God, Family, And Country, Prioritizing Virtue Over Vice - 6/1/2023

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Senators Introduce Bill Banning Higher Ed Accreditors From Considering 'Diversity' Initiatives - 6/1/2023

STEM Students Troll Woke LGBT Survey - Researchers Blame 'Rise Of Online Fascism' - 7/24/2023

Texas University Walks Back 'Premature' Decision To Shut Down DEI Offices Prohibited Under State Law - 8/15/2023

Florida's K-12 Education Framework Charts The Course For Eradicating Woke Ideology From Classrooms Nationwide: Report - 8/17/2023

California Professors Sue To Block DEI Teaching And Tenure Mandates - 8/17/2023

Conservative Group Applies Pressure To ASU Over Illegal DEI Trainings, 'Just The Tip Of The Iceberg' - 9/27/2023

Activists Work To Stop New College's Gains For Students With 'Misgendering' Complaint To Feds - 9/29/2023

Florida Devises New Rules For Rooting DEI Out Of Higher Ed - 10/17/2023

LAWSUIT: FIRE Sues To Stop California From Forcing Professors To Teach DEI - 11/20/2023

Georgia Board Of Education Affirms Firing Of Teacher Who Read Gender Book To Fifth-Graders - 2/23/2024

DEI-vestment: University Of Florida Sheds 'Inclusion' For Innovation - 3/7/2024