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Having 'White Nuclear Family' Promotes White Supremacy, Says New York Professor, Report Says - 10/31/2017

Jemele Hill: Black Athletes Need To Leave White Colleges - 9/5/2019

Report: Harvard Recruited Thousands Of Black Students Only To Intentionally Reject Them - 11/6/2019

Report: Anonymous Berkeley Professor Debunks BLM Narrative, Scolds Academics - 6/15/2020

Woke's Most Poisonous Twist Yet: The Return Of Segregation As One American University Hires 82 Diversity Officers - Costing £7.5 Million - 10/2/2021

Report: Elite Boarding School Goes Woke, Spearates Kindergarten-Age Kids Into Race-Based 'Affinity Groups' - 3/20/2022

Universities Give A Pass To Racial Slurs, Death Wishes, Defamation Against Conseratives - 3/31/2022

School District Institutes Policy More Racist Than Segregation - 3/31/2022

LMAO: Black D.J. Accused Of Wearing Blackface By School District's Woke Diversity 'Experts' - 4/18/2022

Some Public Schools Implementing 'Equitable Grading' to Eliminate Alleged 'Bias' In Grading - 6/6/2022

Young Girl Forced Into Public Apology And Given Cruel Restriction After Addition To BLM Poster Angers Woke School: Report - 7/15/2022

Big Tech, Pharma, Finance Urge SCOTUS To Uphold Race-Based Discrimination In College Admissions - 8/1/2022

Black Family Sued Woke School After Learning Teacher Wanted Daughter To Have A 'Real Life' Slavery Experience - 8/18/2022

'They Want Parents Indoctrinated': Several Woke NYC Private Schools Require Parents To Take 'Anti-Racism' Training, Sign Pledges - Or Else - 10/22/2022

Harvard's Discrimination Problem Goes Beyond Race-Based Admissions, Report Finds - 12/18/2022

Stanford University Releases List Of 'Harmful' And 'Racist' Words To Eliminate - Including 'American,' 'Grandfather,' And 'Long Time,No See' - 12/20/2022

America's Systemic Racism Problem Is Mostly In Woke, Anti-Asian Education Bureaucracies - 1/6/2023

Math Too 'White' And 'Cisheteropatriarchal' Says Vanderbilt Prof - 1/25/2023

Maryland Schools Teach 'Speciesism' And 13 Other Forms Of Oppression During BLM 'Week Of Action' - 2/3/2023

Schools To Host Black Lives Matter At School Week Which Teachs Kids About 'Trans Affirmation,' 'Restorative Justice' - 2/4/2023

Florida Teacher In Hot Water After Libs Of TikTok Exposes Video Of White Students Acting Like Servants For Black Students - 2/18/2023

School District Enlists 'Black Lives Matter Task Force' To Help Teach 7th Graders How They're Implicitly Biased - 2/19/2023

'Tipping Point': Arizona Parents Call For Superintendent's Removal Over Resurfaced Comments On 'Racial Identity' - 2/22/2023

Instead Of Getting Nonwhite Students Up To Speed For Honors Classes, 'Equity' - Obsessed Schools Give Up On Kids Entirely - 2/23/2023

WATCH: Florida Teacher Suspended Over TikTok Video Of White Kids Bowing To Black Children - 2/24/2023

Investigation Into Disturbing Anti-White Texts Circulate In The Staten Island School District - 3/5/2023

Student Tries To Explain His 'White Privilege' To Woman, Doesn't Realize She Actually Has Her Head On Straight - 3/17/2023

'I Identigy As An American': Black Republican Lawmaker Recieves Applause For Calling Out Woke 'Race-Baiting' Democratic Colleague During DEI Debate - 4/14/2023

Washington School District To Cut Music Classes For Promoting 'White Supremacy' And 'Institutional Violence' - 4/26/2023

More Universities Jump On Trend Of Holding Race-Based Graduation Events - 4/30/2023

High School Teacher Slams DEI Training As 'White Shaming,' Claims Students 'Run The School' - Now Students Want Her Punished - 5/11/2023

NYC Law School Commencement Speaker Calls The Law 'White Supremacy,' Advocates 'Revolution' - 5/29/2023

Asian-American Who Scored 1590 Out Of 1600 On SAT, Got 4.65 GPA Says He Applied To Harvard, Princeton, 4 Other Elite Colleges - And They All Rejected Him - 6/9/2023

Extremist Left Claims Only Nazis Want To Teach Children Grammer And Patriotism - 6/12/2023

Legal Group Files Complaint Against University Of California Berkeley Over Segregated Graduation - 6/19/2023

Universities Around The Country Will Host 'Critical Whiteness Studies' Courses - 7/28/2023

Elementary School In Florida Held Assembly About Test Scores For Black Students Only: 'They Segregated Our 8- To 12-Year Olds In 2023' - 8/28/2023

12-Year-Old Kid Kicked Out Of Class For Gadsden Flag Patch, Told It Has 'Origins With Slavery' - 8/29/2023

Univesrity Develops $200,000 Course Teaching Medical Professionals That 'White Supremacy' Has Led To 'Structural Racism' In Health Care - 9/12/2023

California School District Spends $170K On Diversity Courses For Teacher, Such As 'Thriving As A Racially Conscious Person' - 9/13/2023

Academic Whose Work Was Cited As Proof Of 'Systemic Racism' Is Fired For Falsifying Research - 9/13/2023

School Board Removes Half Of All Books, Incluidng Anything Deemed 'Racist,' 'Oppressive,' Or Published Before 2009 - 9/14/2023

New Children's History Book Claims Stonehenge Was Built By 'People With Brown Skin' Back When England Was A 'Black Country' - 9/20/2023

Boston University Announces 'Inquiry' Into Ibram X. Kendi's 'Antiracist' Center - 9/21/2023

Harvard "Diveristy" Experts: DEI Training Is Making Racial Issues Worse - 10/2/2023

Professor Calls For White People To Die, College Defends Him - 10/6/2023

Black Professor's Remarks On White People Met With Media Silence By Top College: Key Insights You Should Know - 10/7/2023

REP. JIM BANKS; Campus Antisemitism Shows The Need To Root Out Wokeness - 11/9/2023

'Harvard Does Not Have Our Back': Rabbi Slams University At Hanukkah Event Attended By Claudine Gay - 12/14/2023

Lawsuit: Wisconsin State Bar's 'Diversity Clerkship Program' Discriminates Based On Skin Color - 12/20/2023

Embattled Harvard Prez Created A Task Force To Decrease Visibility Of White Men On Campus - 12/20/2023

Israeli Student Sues Prestigious Are School For Severe Anti-Semitic Harassment - 1/5/2024

Jewish Students Sue Harvard For Failing To Stop Anti-Semitism While Threatening Discipline For Fatphobia - 1/11/2024

Univ. Of Wisconsin Law Students Told ... 'No Exceptional White People' - 1/24/2024

Video Teachers That All Whites Are Racist, Minorities Can't Be Racist. A College Required Its Athletes To Watch It. - 3/18/2024

Blaze News Investigates: 5th-Grade Girl Accused Of Wearing Blackface For Participating In Innocent Field-Day Fun - 3/27/2024

Minnesota School District Wants Assistant Superintendent Who Can 'Examine Presence Of Whiteness' - 3/31/2024

Blackface Of Bust: DEI-Drunk Teachers Target Texas 5th Grader - 4/5/2024

High School Student Utters The Phrase 'Illegal Alien.' Hours Later, Assistant Principal Suspends Him: 'Racially Insensitive' - 4/18/2024