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Public & Private Schools: Violence In The Schools

Special Needs Teacher Taped Mask On Student's Head, Previously Tried To Force Him To Wear Pride Mask - 11/5/2021

Ohio GOP Gov. DeWine Signs Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Gun After 24 Hours Training - 6/13/2022

School District Logs Thousands Of Fights, Assaults And 'Major Incidents' In Just Three Months - 2/20/2023

Texas Teacher On Leave After Allegedly Taping 10-Year-Old To Chair, Allowing Him To Be 'Punched And Kicked' By Other Students - 2/25/2023

Middle School Was A 'Free-For-All.' Students Roaming Halls During Class, Texting All Day, Fighting - Even Getting Door Dash Food Delivered. Then Things Turned Around. - 5/13/2023

Far-Left Professor Holds Machete To Reporter's Neck, Threatens To Kill Him, Chases Him Down Street - 5/23/2023

New York Professor Who Attacked Pro-Life Students Fired After Holding Machete To Reporter's Throat And Threatening To 'Chop' Him Up - 5/24/2023

Girl, 15, Accused Of Throwing Chair That Clobbered Teacher In Head, Knocked Her To Floor, And Sent Her To Hospital Is Arrested, Charged With Felonious Assault - 10/2/2023

Students Allegedly Beat Up Cops Inside HS Where Pro-Isreal Teacher Hid From Student Mob During Anti-Semitic Riot Days Before - 11/27/2023

Viral Video Shows Student Being Brutally Beaten During Fight Of Parkland High School Students: 'These People Are Animals' - 12/13/2023

Children Caught On Camera Destroying Charter School For 90 Minutes, Shattering Nearly 30 Windows With Rocks - 1/16/2024

Video: Female HS Student Beats up 65-Year-Old Teacher In Hallway While Crowd 'Circled Up' On Them, Hooting And Hollering - 1/11/2024

NJ Family Of A Student Who Committed Suicide After Bullying Sues School Officials Who Created 'Culture Of Violence' - 2/3/2024

NYC Professor Who Held Machete Against Reporter's Throat Axed From Cooper Union Job Over Anti-Israel Rants - 2/4/2024

REPORT: Machete-Wielding Professor Fired From New Teaching Job - 2/4/2024

Missouri Teacher Quits After Viral Video Shows Student Attacking Her: 'I Can't Trust The Children. I Can't Trust The System' - 2/8/2024

Massachusetts School Board Members Ask For National Guard To Be Deployed To Contain Repeated Fights At Local High School - 2/19/2024

75-Year-Old Teacher Says He Was Brutally Beaten By Student And Demanded To Press Charges, But District Refused To Take Action - 2/28/2024

'They Took My Trust And Spit On It': School District Bus Aide Caught On Video Allegedly Torturing Autistic, Nonverbal Child - 4/10/2024

Woman Allegedly Caught On Camera Abusing Special Needs Child Already Out On Bail - 4/12/2024

School Girl Describes Vicious Attack By Trans Student As Woke School Officials Stand By - 4/21/2024

Blaze News Original: A Dozen Disturbing Instances When Students Got Brutally Violent With Teachers- 4/22/2024

Parents Sound Off After Transvestite Student With 'Hit List' Allegedly Bashed Open Pennsylvania Girl's Head - 4/22/2024