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2022 Elections: Evidence & Lawsuits

Kari Lake Gives Update, Says 'Whistleblowers Are Coming Forward' - 11/21/2022

Lake Issues 1st Major Update In Arizona Since Hobbs Declared Victory - 11/17/2022

Kari Lake Files Lawsuit In Maricopa County, Alleging Election Laws Were Broken - 9/25/2022

Undercover Video EXPOSES Dirty Democrat Plan To Win Midterms - And How It Could BACKFIRE Spectacularly - 10/28/2022

Lake Spox: AZ Gov. Should Call Emergency Legislative Sessions To Address Mass Voter - 11/16/2022

RNC Had Roving Attorneys Quietly Monitoring Maricopa Voting Centers, One Has Finally Released His Damning Finds: Report - 11/20/2022

UPDATE: Ariz. AG Takes Action - Ballots Reported In Black Duffle Bags - Officials Broke Election Laws - State Demands Names - 11/20/2022

Arizona Gov. Election In Doubt As AG Demands Full Report On 'Myriad Problems' In Maricopa Voting - 11/20/2022

Republican Maricopa County Elected Officials Brush Off MAGA Election Integrity Concerns - 11/21/2022

Arizona GOP Nominee Sues Election Officials Alleging Incompetence Impacted Outcome Of Midterms - 11/22/2022

'See You In Court': RNC, AG Candidate Sue Election Officials In Arizona Over Alleged 'Errors And Inaccuracies' - 11/23/2022

Even Election Workers Agree With Allegations About Maricopa's Serious Deficiencies - 11/25/2022

Kari Lake Files First Lawsuit, Issues Demand To Maricopa County Election Officials As Poll Workers Blow Lid - 11/26/2022

TGP Announces intent To Continue First Amendment Fight. Vows To Appeal Unjust Ruling In Maricopa County - Please Help If You Can! - 11/27/2022

WATCH: Kari Lake Gives An Update On Her Ongoing Fight Over The 2022 Election - 11/29/2022

BREAKING: Corrupt Obama Appointed Judge Who Banned TGP Reporter From Maricopa County Press Briefings Sanctions Kari Lake And Mark Finchem Over Lawsuit Banning Voting Machines - 12/1/2022

"The Order Reads Like The Judge Wants To Detere Not Bad Faith Cases But Electoral Challenges" - Kari Lake Responds To Corrupt Obama-Appointed udge's Sanctions Against Her - 12/2/2022

Election Lawsuits Pile Up In Arizona, As Counties, Candidates Challenge 2022 Midterms - 12/2/2022

Kari Lake Reveals Plans After Arizona Certifies Midterm Electio Results - 12/6/2022

Kari Lake Files Election Challenge In Arizona Court - 12/9/2022

MORE FROM KARI LAKE'S LAWSUIT: 25,000 Ballots Added To Maricopa County's Vote Totals AFTER  Election Day - 12/11/2022

BREAKING: Maricopa County Kept A GOP Heat Map Of Expected Voters Hanging On Their Wall - Then 84 PERCENT  Of Voting Centers With Machine Problems On Election Day Were In DEEP RED DISTRICTS! - 12/12/2022

"We Are Confident About Our Lawsuit In Terms Of The Evidence And The Proof We Have Submitted" - TGP's Jim And Joe Hoft Interview Kurt Olsen, Attorney For Kari Lake (VIDEO) - 12/12/2022

MASSIVE Machine Failures And Voter Disenfranchisement In Red Districts Of Maricopa County "Could Not Arise Absent INTENTIONAL MISCONDUCT" Says IT And Elections Expert - 12/12/2022

GOP's Hamadeh Files Suit Challenging Arizona AG Race Results - 12/12/022

Kari Lake, Abe Hamadah, Mark Finchem Formally Contest Arizona Election Results - 12/12/2022

Arizona Judge Approves Lake Request To Examine Ballots - 12/16/2022

Arizona AG Candidate Hamadah's Election Challenge Will Proceed To Trial - 12/20/2022

Kari Lake Scores Major Win As Arizona Judge Orders Trial On Election Challenge - 12/20/2022

Recap Of Kari Lake First Day Of Trial - Judge Schedules Tomorrow's Trial From 8:30 MST To 4:30 MST. - 12/21/2022

"They Weren't Following The Legal Requirements For Chain Of Custody" - Expert In Kari Lake Trial, Heather Honey, Destorys Maricopa's Defense - 12/21/2022

WE WERE RIGHT! It Was Willful Incompetence - The Crooked Maricopa Election Ballots Were Printed On The Wrong Paper Size - 12/21/2022

FLASHBACK: One Week Ago Maricopa County Team SQUIRMED During Hearing When Kari Lake Team Asked To Inspect Ballots - NOW WE KNOW WHY - They INTENTIONALLY Used Wrong-Sized Ballots To Jam Machines On Election Day! - 12/21/2022

KARI LAKE TRIAL: HUGE! 48 Of 113 Ballots Reveiwed During Kari Lake Challenge Were 19-Inch Ballots On 20-Inch Paper - THAT JAMMED THE MACHINES ON ELECTION DAY - 12/21/2022

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer Caught In Kari Lake Trial Admitting To Not Complying With The Law In Two Ways - 12/21/2022

Kari Lake Loses Election Lawsuit To Hobbs, Maricopa County; Vows To Appeal - 12/24/2022

WATCH: Kari Lake Video Disqualifies Maricopa County Attorney Tom Liddy's Dishonest Closing Argument Blaming Republicans For Election Day Machine Failure In Lake v. Hobbs Trial - 12/30/2022

Arizona Supreme Court Issues Response To Kari Lake's Election Lawsuit - 1/5/2023

(VIDEO) Hobbs "Had All The Facts, And She Withheld This From The Court" - Abe Hamadeh Speaks About Pinal County Recount Errors And His 'Motion For New Trial' - 1/5/2023

JUST IN: Questionably Elected AZ Attorney General Kris Mayes Hires Marc Elias Ally Daniel Barr As Chief Deputy AG - Former Assistant AG Says He Violated State Law By Counseling Mayes In Election Lawsuit - 1/11/2023

JUST IN: Former Assistant Arizona Attorney General Jennifer Wright Joins Abe Hamadah's Election Lawsuit Against Questionably Elected AG Kris Mayes - 1/18/2023

WATCH LIVE: Arizoa Senate Elections Committee To Hear BOMBSHELL Presentation On Election Mechanics By Shelby Busch - 1/23/2023

Republican Candidates For Arizona Governor And AG Appeal Election Integrity Challenges - 1/24/2023

BREAKING: Abe Hamadeh Files Reply In Motion For New Trial In Arizona Attorney General Election Lawsuit - FILING INCLUDED - 2/6/2023

Abe Hamadeh Discusses Arizona Election Lawsuit, Says Inspection Of Provisional Ballots Shows He Won (AUDIO) - 2/10/2023

WATCH LIVE: MORE Election Evidence To Be Presented In AZ Senate And House Special Joint Elections Meeting At 9AM MST - 2/23/2023

JUST IN: Arizona Supreme Court Agrees To Expedite Kari Lake's Election Fraud Lawsuit, Internal Conference Scheduled For MARCH 21 - ORDER INCLUDED - 3/3/2023

JUST IN: Maricopa County Files Bogus Response In Kari Lake's Historic Arizona Supreme Court Election Challenge - Internal Conference Scheduled For MARCH 21 - FILING INCLUDED - 3/14/2023

Kari Lake Scores Win As Arizona Supreme Court Sends Part Of Her Lawsuit Back To Trial Court - 3/23/2023

House Republicans Highlight Luzerne County's Voter Suppression In The 2022 Midterms - 3/28/2023

New Testimony Confirms Ballot Tampering In Maricopa's 2022 Election - 4/3/2023

Kari Lake Files New Motion, Claims Runbeck 'Inserted' Ballots - 4/8/2023

Maricopa County Report Identifies Glaring Election Errors As Lake, Finchem Challenges Continue - 4/11/2023

Legal Argument By Dem Election Superlawyer Will Aid GOP Challenge, 'Upend' Arizona AG Race: Hamadeh - 4/13/2023

HUGE: Mohave County Court Sets May 16 For Oral Arguments In Abe Hamadeh's Motion For New Trial - Provisional Ballot Review Could Reverse Outcome Of Attorney General Race - 4/17/2023

Democrat Arizona AG Kris Mayes LOSES Lawsuit Against Cochise County, AZ Challenging Election Administration - 4/20/2023

Maricopa County Denies Public Records Request For Runbeck Video Camera Footage - Lawsuit In The Works - 5/4/2023

JUST-IN: Arizona Supreme Court Issues Joke Sanctions Against Kari Lake Over Accurate Claim Of 35,563 Unaccounted For Ballots - Fraudulent Signatures To Go Back To Trial! (ORDER INCLUDED) - 5/5/2023

NEW: Maricopa County Superior Court Order Sets Status Conference MONDAY To Consider Kari Lake's Signature Verification Fraud Challenge And Potentially MORE - ORDER INCLUDED - 5/6/2023

UPDATE: Kari Lake Lawsuit Going Back To Trial May 17, 18, 19 - Attorney Kurt Olsen Makes BOMBSHELL Claim Of "Extraordinary Findings Of Misconduct" By Maricopa County (VIDEO) - 5/8/2023

JUST-IN: Kari Lake Attorney Files Lawsuit Against Runbeck And Maricopa County For Denying Legal Public Records Request Which Could Prove Claim Of 35,563 Ballots Were Injected Into 2022 Election - FILING INCLUDED - 5/10/2023

Lake Lawyer Exposes Possiblity Maricopa County Staff Could Perform Signature Verification At Home - 5/19/2023

Kari Lake's Attorney: Evidence Of Rushed Ballot Verification Warrants Overturning 2022 Election - 5/20/2023

Kari Lake Election Trial Raises Questions About How Ballot Signatures Were Verified - 5/20/2023

Judge Rules On Kari Lake's Latest Legal Challenge - 5/23/2023

Kari Lake Loses Appeal Over Arizona Gubernatorial Election Loss - 5/23/2023

Arizona's Kari Lake Announces Plans To 'Paint The State Red,' Appeal Election Ruling - 5/23/2023

Kari Lake Files Notice Of Appeal In Electino Challenge - 6/1/2023

NEW: MORE EVIDENCE Shows Voting Machines Were Secretly Reprogrammed And Fraudulently Certified In Maricopa County, AZ - Kari Lake Responds To This Latest Finding - 6/6/2023

Cyber Security Expert Clay Parikh Discusses Secret Machine Testing, Says "There Will Be MORE Videos Released" Exposing Election Fraud In Maricopa County In EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - 6/6/2023

It's Not Over Yet: Kari Lake Files 74-Page Lawsuit Against Katie Hobbs, Eleciton Officials - 9/16/2023

BREAKING: Maricopa County Files Response To Kari Lake - Claims Tabluators Were Working As Intended When 60% FAILED On Election Day - 11/18/2023

Judge Issues Ruling On Kari Lake Request To Examine 2022 Ballots - 12/3/2023

Kari Lake Issues Warning As Her Lawyers Face Discipline - 12/15/2023

JUST-IN: America First Legal Files Landmark Lawsuit Against Maricopa County, Arizona Officials For Violating State Election Laws - FILING INCLUDED - 2/8/2024

Arizona Secretary Of State Shrugs Off Election Problems As Lawsuit Highlights 2022 Failures - 2/9/2024

Lawsuit: Both The 'How' And The 'What' Of Democrat Election Chief's Rulebook Violate Arizona Law - 2/12/2024