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2022 Elections: Katie Hobbs

BREAKING! Arizona's Corrupt Secretary Of State Katie Hobbs Headed For Criminal Prosecution - 4/1/2022

Kari Lake Destroys Arizona Media For Falling For FAKE Drag Queen Story Pushed By Deranged Katie Hobbs Activist, Announces Defamation Lawsuits: "Think Twice About Defaming Kari Lake" - 6/21/2022

Dem Katie Hobbs Blames GOP Opponent For Campaign HQ Burglary. But Police Arrest Busts Her Narrative. - 10/28/2022

BUSTED! Katie Hobbs Tied To Money From FTX Funded PACs - 11/27/2022

Calls For Investigations Grow Over Katie Hobbs' Alleged Use Of Twtitter Censorship, 1A Issues - 12/6/2022

Katie Hobbs' Office Defends Asking Twitter To Take Down Posts Criticizing Them - 12/7/2022

Arizona State Senators Call For Investigation Into Katie Hobbs Charging Donars As Much As $250,000 Using "Dark Money" Group Headquartered At Democrat Law Firm For Inqugural Events - 1/10/2023

JUST IN: Arizona Freedom Caucus Announces Plans To Sue Katie Hobbs For Unconstitutional Gender Identity Executive Order Before Truning Backs On Hobbs And Walking Out On Her SOTU Address - 1/10/2023

#ArrestKatieHobbs Trends On Twitter Following Allegations That Sinaloa Cartel Uses Money Laundering, Bribes To Control Democrat Politicians - 2/26/2023

Katie Hobbs Refuses To Execute Convicted Murderer Despite Decision Of Arizona Supreme Court - 3/3/2023

REPORT: Illegal Border Crossings Already Increasing Since Governor Katie Hobbs Took Office - 30% More 'Gotaways' In Hobbs' Second Month - 3/14/2023

JUST IN: Crooked Katie Hobbs Vetoes Signature Verification Law In Arizona Before Kari Lake's Signature Verification Fraud Claim Receives A Hearing - 4/7/2023

POLL: Katie Hobbs Ranks Among The Most Unpopular Governors In The Nation-Republicans Hold 7 Of 10 Top Spots - 4/19/2023

EXCLUSIVE: "They've Now Gone Fishing Through All My Social Media" - Victim Of Child Sex Abuse Kayleigh Kozak Reponses To Suppression For Speaking Out Against Katie Hobbs (VIDEO) - 4/20/2023

AZ Gov Katie Hobbs Brags About Breaking Record For Vetoed Bills In First 100 Days - Dubbed "Veto Queen" By Leftwing News - 4/20/2023

Katie Hobbs Is Allegedly Still Under Investigation For Potential Felony Charges: She Illegally Shut Down Candidate Petition Portal - 5/2/2023

Radical Leftist Katie Hobbs Says Gavin Newsom Has Done Good Things On Homelessness - Twitter Users React: "California Is A Literal Sh*t-hole" - 5/8/2023

SICK! Radical Democrat Katie Hobbs Allows Pornography To Be Filmed In Arizona's K-12 Pubic School Classrooms - 6/5/2023

Katie Hobbs' Office Of Tourism And The Arizona Lottery To Sponsor 'Child-Friendly' Drag Show - 6/15/2023

Excerpt From Kari Lake's "Unafraid" Reveals That Former AZ Secretary Of State Jan Brewer Was "100% Sure" She Would Win The Governor's Race In 2010 Despite Horrible Debate Performance - Is This Why Katie Hobbs Didn't Debate? - 7/7/2023

Mysterious And Abrupt Change In Arizona Governship Draws Suspicion, Speculation - 9/28/2023

Arizona's GOP Treasurer Mysteriously Becomes Acting Governor Despite Being Third In Line Of Succession Behind Democrats - 9/28/2023

AWOL Mystery: Democrat Leaders Departed Arizona during Biden Visit, Leaving Republican In Charge - 9/29/2023

'A Slap In The Face': Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bill That Would Allow Police To Arrest Illegal Aliens - 3/7/2024