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2022 Elections: Michigan

Half Of Michigan GOP Candidates Challenging Gov. Gretchen Whitmer - Including Presumed Front-Runner - May Be Disqualified From Ballot - 5/24/2022

If You Can't Beat Them - Toss Them! Democrats In Michigan Are Working To Disqualify Top GOP Candidates From Ballot Due To Signature Discrepancies - Thursday Vote Blocks GOP Candidates From Governor Ballot - 5/26/2022

BREAKING: Lawless MI Attorney General Dana Nessel Weaponizes Her Position - Concocts Lawsuit Against Political Opponent Matt DePerno, Who Has +1 Advantage In Most Recent Poll - 8/7/2022

Another Weaponized Political Attack: MI AG Dana Nessel Appoints Special Prosecutor To Investigate Her GOP Opponent Weeks Before Election - But Ignores Election Fraud And COVID Nursing Home Murders - 9/9/2022

Republicans Win Major Election Integrity Ruling Against Michigan Secretary Of State - 10/20/2022

WE'RE BEING LIED TO: Results Provided By Media Are Not derived From Flashdrives Coming From Precints - 11/29/2022

RINO Members Of MI Board Of Canvassers MOCK Citizens Over Their LEGAL Requet For Recount Of 2022 Election: "I Personally Think This Is A Gigantic Waste Of Time" [VIDEO] - 12/7/2022

Election Integrity Volunteer 'Afraid' To Attend Recount After Michigan AG Threatens Prosecution - 12/12/2022

MAJOR DISCOVERY! Soros-Funded MI SOS Jocelyn Benson's Voter Rolls Contain "Over 48,000 NON-LEGAL Voter Registrations At Trailer Parks And Apartement Housing Addresses" - 4/17/2023

Exclusive: New Report Alleges Ann Arbor Violated Michigan Election Laws During 2022 Midterms - 6/21/2023

11 MI Lawmakers Sue MI SOS Jocelyn Benson And MI Director Of Elections In Federal Court - 9/29/2023

Court: Democrat Secretary Of State's 2022 Rules For Poll Challengers Violated Michigan Law - 10/23/2023