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2023 Elections

Biden-Nominated US Attorney Resigns After She Leaked 'Sensitive DOJ' Info To Influence Election - Then 'Falsely Testified Under Oath' ABout It, Report Reveals - 5/17/2023

Hinds County Supervisor David Archie Blames Fraud For Election Lass - 8/31/2023

Archie Calls On Hinds Co. Democratic Chair To Step Down, Alleging Fraud In Party Primary - 8/31/2023

Mississippi Democrat Says There Was Voter Fraud In Democratic Primary Orchestrated By Democratic County Chairperson: 'High-Tech Election Heist' - 9/3/2023

Election Integrity Issues For November Elections Begin With Absentee Ballots - 10/16/2023

Police Are Investigating Possible Election Fraud By Virginia's Porn Candidate - 10/19/2023

BREAKING: Judge OVERTURNS Bridgeport, CT Mayoral Primary Election After Democrat Clerk Busted For Ballot Stuffing - 11/1/2023

Hurst Mayoral Campaign Accused Of Voter Fraud Based On Video Appearing To Show Cash For Votes Outside City Hall - 11/1/2023

Springfield Mayoral Candidate Justin Hurst Addresses Voter Fraud Claims - 11/2/2023

Judge Overturns Results Of Democrat Primary In Connecticut Mayoral Race After Allegations Of Voter Fraud - 11/2/2023

Judge Overturns Primary Election, Calling Evidence Of Fraud 'Shocking' - 11/2/2023

Election Fraud Cases Break Out In 3 Democrat-Run States, New Voting Ordered In One - 11/5/2023

Unhinged Democrats Harass Republican Poll watchers In Virginia: 'I'm Gonna F-cking Remember You' - 11/7/2023

Breaking: Voting Machine Glitch Flipped Votes, Officials Try To Explain - 11/8/2023

Small Michigan Town Ousts Entire Township Board That Supported Building Plant For China-Based Company - 11/8/2023

Virginia Dems Could Lose Control Of State Senate Because Member My Have LIed About Residence - 11/11/2023

It Happened Again: Dallas County, Texas ES&S Pollbooks Add Hundreds Of "Checked-In Voters" On Their Own In Real-Time As Polls Close - 11/13/2023

Video Footage Shows Alleged Cash-For-Votes Scheme In Broad Daylight - 11/17/2023

WATCH: Ballot Fraud Caught On Camera From Elections Held This Month - 11/27/2023

Judge Voids Fraud-Ridden Election That Dem Won By 1 Vote - 12/5/2023

Judge Nullifies Election Over Illegal Votes - 12/6/2023

Louisiana Supreme Court Allows Election Do-Over After 11 Illegal Votes Found In race Decided By 1 Vote - 1/2/2024

George Soros Pumped Over $2 Million Into Texas Democratic Party And PACs In Second Half Of 2023 - 1/17/2024

Surveillance Footage Exposes Polling Place Manager Bringing Blank ballots Into Lorain County Bar On Eve Of Election, Investigation Underway (VIDEO) - 3/30/2024