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2024 Elections: Trump Ballot Removal

Prof. Michael McConnell, Responding About The Fourteenth Amendment, "Insurrection," And Trump - 8/12/2023

Turley Warns Of The 'Single Most Dangerous Constitutional Theory' Being Pushed To Disqualify Trump In 2024 - 8/23/2023

Why Twisting The 14th Amendment To Get Trump Won't Hold Up In Court - 8/25/2023

Efforts To Remove Trump From 2024 Ballot Using 14th Amendment Ramp Up: Report - 8/27/2023

VICTORY: New Hampshire Smacks Down Effort To Keep Trump Off The Ballot In 2024 - 9/4/2023

Liberal Group Files Lawsuit In Colorado To Keep Trump Off The GOP Primary Ballot And 'Any Future Election Ballot' - 9/7/2023

More Election Officials Say Efforts To Keep Trump Off The Ballot Are A No-Go - 9/15/2023

Michigan Judge Rules To Keep Trump On The Ballot - 11/14/2023

Trump Disqualified From Colorado Ballot - 12/19/2023

Colorado Supreme Court Boots Trump From 2024 Presidential Ballot - 12/19/2023

'If You Can't Win, Cheat': Trump World Responds To Colorado Supreme Court Keeping Him Off Ballot - 12/19/2023

Colorado Supreme Court Rules That Trump Is Disqualified From The State's Ballot Over Insurrection Incitement - 12/19/2023

Colorado Supreme Court Rigs 2024 Election By Barring Trump From The Ballot - 12/20/2023

Ramaswamy Pledges To Withdraw From Colorado GOP Primary Ballot After Trump Is Disqualified - 12/20/2023

There's A Direct Line Between Joe Biden's Deep State And Trump Getting Removed From Colorado's Ballot - 12/20/2023

Democrats Privately Admit The Inevitable After Colorado Bars Trump From Ballot: 'Attempting Election Interference' - 12/21/2023

Biden Says Trump Threatens Electoral 'Right To Choose' After Biden's Official's Group Gets Trump Taken Off Ballot In Colorado - 12/21/2023

Federal Judge Rejects Lawsuit To Remove Trump From Ballot In Another State - 12/22/2023

Michigan Supreme Court Rules to Keep Trump On 2024 Ballot - 12/27/2023

Colorado Secretary Of State Confirms Trump Will Be On The Ballot In 2024 - 12/28/2023

Maine Secretary Of State Removes Trump From 2024 Ballot - 12/28/2023

Maine Secretary Of State Disqualifies Trump From Primary Ballot - 12/28/2023