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2024 Elections: Trump Ballot Removal

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- Supreme Court Colorado Case

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Michigan Judge Rules To Keep Trump On The Ballot - 11/14/2023

Minnesota And Michigan Courts Block Leftists From Throwing Trump Off Primary Ballots - 11/17/2023

One More Case To Keep Trump Off The Ballot Dismissed In Arizona - 12/5/2023

Trump Disqualified From Colorado Ballot - 12/19/2023

Federal Judge Rejects Lawsuit To Remove Trump From Ballot In Another State - 12/22/2023

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Trump 14th Amendment Challenger Arrested On Federal Tax Charges - 1/11/2024

Oregon Supreme Court Won't Remove Trump From Ballot, For Now - 1/12/2024

Illinois Election Board Allows Trump To Remain On Ballot, Appeal Expected - 1/30/2024

Democrats Overwhelmingly Want Trump Off The Ballot: Poll - 2/14/2024

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