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Election Fraud

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28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing In Last Four Elections -

Obama's ACORN Connection To Voter Fraud - 10/14/2008

Al Franken May Have Won His Senate Seat Through Voter Fraud - 7/20/2010

Voter Fraud And Voter I.D. - 11/4/2014

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As He Blocks Election Security Bills, McConnell Takes Checks From Voting Machine Lobbyists - 6/10/2019

Mitch McConnell Reeived Donations From Voting Machine Lobbyists Before Blocking Election Security Bills - 7/26/2019

U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults - A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud - 8/16/2017

Rashida Tlaib's Father Says She 'Lied Big-Time To Get Elected' In Resurfaced 2010 Newspaper Article - 5/3/2019

CONFIRMED: Rashida Tlaib Broke State And Fedearl Law By Lying Aobut Her Address To Run For Office - 5/13/2019

DOJ: Democrats Paid Pennsylvania Elections Officials To Stuff Ballot Box - 5/21/2020

BOMBSHELL: Election Official Rigged Election Results For Democrats, Constituted 'Significant Percentage Of The Total Votes,' DOJ Says - 5/21/2020

Federal Officials Charge Mail Man With Attempted Election Fraud, Changing Mail-In Ballots - 5/26/2020

MORE FRAUD IN OREGON; Non-Citizen Steps Forward, Tells How Oregon Automatically Registered Her To Vote Via Motor Voter Bill And Vote-By-Mail - 5/26/2020

REPORT: New Jersey NAACP Leader Calls For Redo Of Vote By Mail Election After Massive Irregularities - 5/28/2020

Election Fraud Will Be Known As The "BIG LIE"!  We Caught Them All! We Have It All! -

Pennsylvania Officials Admit Duplicate Ballots Were Mailed Out To Voters - 5/28/2020

Southfield Clerk Bound Over For Trial On Six Felony Counts - 6/11/2020

WATCH: US Postal Worker Caught On Video Throwing Stack Of GOP Congressional Candidate Campaign Mailers In Dumpster - 6/27/2020

STUNNING: All Major Western Media Outlets Take 'Private Dinners', 'Sponsored Trips' From Chinese Communist Propaganda Front - 12/29/2020

FORENSIC EVIDENCE: Dominion Voting Machines Had Unauthorized "Implant" - 5/5/2021

NH Election Audit Finds Mail-In Ballot Machine Mistakenly Added Votes For Democratic Candidates - 5/27/2021

Flashback: Democrats Railed Against Voting Machines, Admitted They Can Be Hacked, Votes Can Be Switched - 7/19/2021

Flashback: Democrats Said Voting Machines Can Be Hacked, Votes Can Be Switched - 7/19/2021

Bombshell Admission - Biden FEC Nominee ADMITS Filing Legal Document Attesting Voting Machines Illegally Switched Vote From One Candidate To Another - 4/6/2022

Former US Congressman Pleads Guilty To Election Fraud - 6/8/2022

Texas Woman Pleads Guilty To 26 Voter Fraud Felonies - 6/18/2022

Stacey Abrams Loses Again: Judge Rejects Suit Claiming Georgia's 2018 Election Was Mismanaged - 10/3/2022

Unending 'Emergency Powers' Enable Authoritarian Behavior Such As Suspending Elections - 10/13/2022

PA Governor-Elect Josh Shapiro Charges Former Democratic Political Consultant with 'Wide Scale' Ballot Fraud - More Than 1,000 Signatures Allegedly Forged - 11/17/2022

Don't Be Impressed By This: PA AG Josh Shapiro Arrests Democrat Political Consultant For Voter Fraud In City Elecitons In 2019 - Ignores 2020 And 2022 - 11/17/2022

Incoming House Judiciary Committee Chairman Formally Accuses FBI Of Meddling In Last Four Elections - 11/17/2022

California City Will Send All Adult Residents, Including Non-US Citizens, $100 In Taxpayer Funds To Donate To Political Candidates - 11/30/2022

The Twitter Files Illustrate How Intelligence Agencies Can Rig Politics - 12/14/2022

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How The Ballot Amendment Process Became Democrats' New Strategy To Entrench Their Agenda Into Law - 6/23/2023

Leftist Push To Disenfranchise Parents In Ohio Riddled With Deception - 7/5/2023

Oregon Democrats Are One Step Closer To Rigging Elections With Ranked-Choice Voting - 7/6/2023

Eighteen States, DC Accept Ballots After Election Day, With North Dakota's Deadline Facing Lawsuit - 7/14/2023

The Left's Election Litigation Racket Abuses Democracy To Line Their Own Pockets - 8/4/2023

Congress Probing Whether Democrats Improperly Using Nonprofits, Foreign Money To Win Elections - 8/16/2023

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With Automatic Voter Registration, Say Hello To Permanent Democrat Power - 9/5/2023

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