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Blackface Boy Lie

Deadspin Writer Tries To Whip Up Outrage Mob Against A Child Wearing Face Paint Of NFL Team And Faces Fierce Backlash Instead - 11/27/2023

The Young Kansas City Chiefs Fan Deadspin Tried To Cancel Over False 'Black Face' And Racism Accusations Is Native American - 11/28/2023

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Young Chiefs Fan Should Sue Deadspin Into Oblivion For Inventing Blackface Hoax About Him - 11/28/2023

Deadspin Writer Torched For Accusing Child Of 'Blackface' At Kansas City Chiefs Game - 11/28/2023

Deadspin, Other Media Outlets Ripped Young Chiefs Fan For Wearing 'Black Face,' Headdress. His Mom Says He's Native American. - 11/29/2023

9-Year-Old Chiefs Fan Branded A Racist By Deadspin Reporter Admits He's 'Nervous' About Attention, Dad Says It's 'Too Late' For Apology - 11/30/2023

Deadspin Writer Who Said Kid Wore Balckface Tries To Keep Story Afloat. Disgusted Social Media Users Push Back With Contempt. - 11/30/2023

Angry Dad Says Son Has Been 'Pretty Devastated' Since Deadspin Writer Accused 9-Year-Old Of Wearing Blackface To Chiefs Game - 11/30/2023

Will The Media Stop Obsessing Over Fox News Long Enough To Hold Themselves Accountable? - 12/4/2023

Parents Of 9-Year-Old Boy Accused Of Wearing Blackface Threaten To Sue Deadspin; Demand Retraction, Apology; Report - 12/4/2023

Deadspin Adds Editor's Note To Story About Kid Wearing Blackface Following Lawsuit Threat; Removes Photo, Changes Headline - 12/8/2023