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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Biden: Preferential Treatment To Illegals

Report: Biden Administration Considering Pulling Health Care From Veterans To Treat Illegal Aliens - 3/31/2022

Biden Admin In Talks To Provide Smartphone App To Illegal Migrants To Pre-Register Before Entering The US Illegally (VIDEO) - 3/31/2022

Biden Admin Handing Out Smartphones To Illegal Immigrants Entering The Country - 4/8/2022

Congresswoman Alleges Government Is Sending 'Pallets Of Baby Formula To The Border' As Parents Scour Empty Shelves - 5/12/2022

Illegal Immigrants Getting 'Pallets' Of Baby Formula At Detention Center While Shelves Are Nearly Empty In American Stores, US Congresswoman Declares - 5/12/2022

GOP Lawmakers Seek Answers On Joe Biden's Program To Hand Out ID Cards To Millions Of Illegal Aliens - 8/1/2022

Biden Admin Handling Out Smartphones Like Candy To Illegal Immigrants, Costing Taxpayers Millions - 10/14/2022

Joe Biden To Grant Mass Amnesty And Work Permits to 30,000 New Illegal Immigrants A Month - Stephen Miller Demands House GOP Open Its Impeachment Inquiry - 1/5/2023

'Told Us To Come': Ahead of President's Visit, Illegal Immigrants Say They Crossed The Border Because Of Biden - 1/7/2023

'Open Our Borders': Biden Admin Expands Ways For Migrants To Shirk Trump-Era Border Policy - 1/12/2023

'Biden Told Them To Come': Arizona Border City On Brink Of Collapse From Illegal Immigration, Officials Say - 1/24/2023

Illegal Immigrants Believe The Border Is 'Open' Under Biden, Official Tells Congress - 2/7/2023

Arizona Sheriff Reveals What Illegals Say To Officials After Crossing US Border - Bad News For Biden - 3/5/2023

'Just Say You're Gay': Border Agents Say Migrants Would Abuse Dems' Proposal To Not Detain LGBTQ Migrants - 4/25/2023

Biden Invites More Illegal Immigrants By Proposing 'Free' Health Care At Your Expense - 4/26/2023

INSANITY: Biden Regime To Give $332.5 Million Tax Dollars To Left-Wing Non-Profits & Democrat Cities To Help Settle Illegal Aliens To US - 5/6/2023

Biden Spending $332 Million To Settle Illegal Alien Rapists & Murderers In Your Neighborhood - 5/13/2023

Senate Republicans Hammer Biden's 'Open Border Policies,' Say He Doesn't Care About 85,000 Missing Kids - 7/21/2023

Report: Joe Biden's DHS Plans Photo ID Cards For Illegal Aliens Freed Into U.S. - 9/21/2023

DHS Admits Biden's Border Crisis Is Making It Easier For Terrorists To Enter America - 10/11/2023

Lawsuit: Biden Administration Improperly Readmitted Deported Migrants - 10/24/2023

'I Love You Joe Biden:' Migrant Thanks POTUS After Crossing Illegally In Arizona - 12/5/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Immigrant Released Into US Thanks, Biden Says He Fears Trump - 1/16/2024

Senators Take Aim At Biden's Support For Bill Giving Illegals Chinese Communist Party Members Right To Vote - 2/13/2024

Joe Biden's 'Sanctuary Nation' Policies Made Laken Riley's Death Possilble - 2/26/2024

DOJ Is Using Bidenbucks To Encourage illegals And Felons to Vote, Says Mississippi Secretary Of State - 3/13/2024

'Purely Political': Texas AG Claims Biden Admin Using Illegal Immigrants For Votes - 3/17/2024

Biden Administration Fails To File Paperwork, Causes 200K Migrant Deportation Cases To Be Tossed: 'Serious Concerns' - 3/20/2024

'Were They Deported?': Doocy Presses KJP On Video Of Illegal Immigratns Stampeding Across Border - 3/22/2024

Biden Has Let In Almost As Many Foreigners Illegally As Ellis Island Did Lawfully In 60 Years - 4/3/2024