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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Financial Costs & Priviledges

STUNNING: Photo Evidence Shows Caravan Migrants Carrying USAID Bags - Paid For By US Taxpayers - 10/24/2018

Judicial Watch Investigations Director Chirs Farrell: Soros-Affiliated State Department Is Funding Illegal Immigrant Caravans (VIDEO) - 10/25/2018

Leaked Documents Prove Soros's Open Society Is Working With UN In Supporting Current Illegal Migrant Crisis - 10/28/2018

States Shell Out Billions For Illegal Immigrants While Homeless Veterans Still Languish: Study - 4/14/2020

US Taxpayers Shoulder Annual Burden of $151 Billion For Illegal Immigration, Study Finds - 3/9/2023

Denver Expects To Spend Tens Of Millions On Illegal Immigrants - 4/4/2023

Homeless Vets Are Being Booted From NY Hotels To Make Room For Migrants: Advocates - 5/12/2023

Outrage Grows Over Vets Evicted From New York Hotels To House Migrants - 5/13/2023

NYC Buses Illegal Aliens To Upstate NY, Hotels Kick Out Homeless Vets As A Result - 5/13/2023

Biden Admin Claims The US Doesn't Give 'Financial Support' To Illegal Migrants. There's Just One Problem - 5/25/2023

Minnesota To Provide Illegal Immigrants With Free College Tuition - 5/31/2023

HHS Spent $13 Billion Sponsoring And Losing Migrant Kids Over The Last Decade - 6/5/2023

New York State Senate Democrats Approve Legislation For Low-Cost Health Care For Illegal Immigrants Following Federal Funding Agreement - 6/10/2023

Medicaid Emergency Spending For Illegal Migrants Doubles In One Yer To $7 Billion: GOP House - 6/15/2023

Massachusetts Approves Driver's Licenses To Illegal Migrants, As Border Surge Taxes State Resources - 7/9/2023

Illegal Immigrants In Colleges Soar To Nearly 2% Of Population, Study Finds - 8/6/2023

Village Council Spends $2.3 Million On Estate To House Refugee Families In Tiny Town Of 2,000 - 8/16/2023

Biden Admin Gave NYC $104M For Migrant Crisis And Only $24M To Border State, Fumes Arizona Senator Dyrsten Sinema - 8/17/2023

Maine Forced To House Immigrants In Hotels For The Next Year At Cost Of $1.9 Million - 8/17/2023

DEROY MURDOCK: Our Upside-Down Immigration System Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Illegals While Booting Skilled Workers - 8/20/2023

The Biden Admin Is Ushering Tens of Thousands Of Migrants Each Month To Work In The US Through Key Border Program - 9/3/2023

New York City To Cut Up To 15% Of Its Budget To Pay For Illegal Immigrant Crisis - Migratns To Cost At Least $12B - 9/12/2023

New Yorker Delivers Impassioned Rant On-Air About Dems' Response to Migrant Crisis - 9/15/2023

Mayor Blames Biden For Illegal Alien Crisis: They're Coming In 'Without Any Consequence Whatsoever' - 9/22/2023

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker Diverts Rental Assistance Funds Meant For Citizens To House Illegal Immigrants - 10/11/2023

5.7 Million Non-Detained Migrants In US, ICE Reports - 'At A Minimum'; Taxpayer-Funded Program Will Provide Medical Services, Housing - 10/12/2023

Biden Admin Orders Banks Not To Reject Illegal Immigrants' Loan Applications -10/14/2023

Hillary Clinton Gets Into Heated Screaming Match With Anti-War Advocate: 'I'll Still Meet You Outside' - 10/24/2023

DeSantis Slams Biden For Charging Americans Evacuees From Israel While Payig To Fly Illegal Immigrants - 10/27/2023

Blue States Take Funds From Disabled Americans To Subsidize Illegal Migrants - 11/9/2023

Dozens Of NYC Seniors Evicted From Nursing Home Turned Into Migrant Shelter - 11/29/2023

NYC Nursing Home Evicted Seniors - Including 94-Year-Old Vet - To Make Room For Migrants: 'I Didn't Know Where I Was Going' - 11/30/2023

Migrants Reject 'Bad' Sandwiches, Pancakes, Donuts And Chicken Dishes At NYC Shelters - 12/16/2023

Why Are Major Airlines Shipping Thousands Of Illegal Migrants Across The Country? - 12/21/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Mayorkas Enabled Huge 'Waste And Abuse' Of Taxpayer Dollars In Handling Of Border Crisis, GOP Probe Finds - 12/21/2023

California Expands State Health Insurance To Include Sex Change Surgeries For Illegal Immigrants - 1/8/2024

Blue States Extend Free Health Care To Illegal Aliens: Some Don't Even Require Immigration Docs - 1/12/2024

REPORT: The Biden Adminitration Has Spent $20 Billion On 'Refugee' Resettlement In Just Two Years - 1/26/2024

Illinois: 'Welcoming' Programs Increase Cost Of Illegal Immigration By At Least $2.2. Billion - 2/3/2024

Illegal Immigrants In New York To Get Pre-Paid Debit Cards In $53 Million Program - 2/3/2024

Congressional Budget Office Admits Obvious Consequences Of Biden's Border Bedlam - 2/6/2024

Border Deal Tried To $118 Billion Foreign Aid Package Fails To Advance In Senate - 2/7/2024

Rand Paul Blasts Mitch McConnell: "This Has Been A Ruse - He's Working With Biden And Schumer To Funnel Your Money To Ukraine - He's Using Minority Of Big Government Republicans To Work With Democrats" (VIDEO) - 2/7/2024

80 PERCENT Of The Senate 'Border' Deal Would Have Gone To FOREIGN Governments - 2/7/2024

Senators Take Aim At Biden's Support For Bill Giving Illegals Chinese Communist Party Members Right To Vote - 2/13/2024

'Null And Void': Court Declares New York City Law Letting Noncitizens Vote Is Unconstitutional - 2/23/2024

WTF: US Patron Booted From American Airlines Flight To Make Room For Illegal Immigrant - 2/26/2024

Wealthy Boston Residents Rail Against Migrant Shelter That Will Soon Open Up In Their Neighborhood: 'Forced Down Our Throats' - 2/29/2024

Jobs Programs For Illegal Aliens Create More Problems, Not A Solution - 3/11/2024

Illegal Immigrants Leave US Hospitals With Billions In Unpaid Bills - 3/14/2024

HHS Secretary Refuses To Explain Why 'Hardworking Americans' Should Pay For Illegals' Healthcare - 3/14/2024

Illegal Immigrant Can Carry Guns: Federal Judge - 3/18/2024

Illegal Immigrants Can Carry Guns, Obama-Appointed Judge Rules - 3/19/2024

Madison Diverted $700,000 In Taxpayer Covid Relief To illegal Aliens - 4/5/2024